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Discussion in 'Employment' started by margoatl, Oct 7, 2009.

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    Another problem with paying $9-$11 an hour is the the unemployment in Ohio pays more than that and you can now collect for a total of 78 weeks if you qualify for all four exstensions, That is BS, what happened to 20 weeks? Thanks Obama now we cant find laborers to work cause they get a free check for a year and a half! And all they have to do after the 78 weeks run out is work for 20 and collect all over again, WTF!
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    ok i go on unemloyment every year and last year when the extensions were available they said i didnt qualify so every year in jan. i have to reaply and wait 6 or 8 weeks so i dont get it until its almost time to start again, kinda screws me and all i want is a job where i can work all year winter is rough for me i have two kids and a wife to take care of i understand you owners who have to pay unemployment probably get sick of it but is it any cheaper to pay your guys through the winter if not quit crying and pay the cost to be a boss

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