A Lot of New Guys on the Road


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To all of you new guys, I have seen so many new guys here in the central Virginia area. It cracks me up seeing most of them. I feel sorry for the 75% of them that will fail. But I'm glad they are starting up. The past couple of years I have picked up a couple of nice residentials in June or July when JO-Bob's Mowing decides he can't hack the work or survive on the $10 he is charging per lawn. By then the homeowner is spoiled and doesn't want to mow their own lawn so they will call an established company.


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Hey don't knock down all newcomers. Some of us have been reading these posts and have a good feel to make it in this business. In fact we are getting alot of customers that had well established companies take care of their lawn and are not satisfied with the customer care. They say that half the time they don't even show up. The best part is that we charge more. These customers would gladly pay more if we should up when they are scheduled. So watch out from some newcomers.


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I see a few new crews on the road and sometimes I don't like it but it seems there is too much work and too few workers so I guess it's o-kay. Most of these guys that I see have a few residentials and are happy with that.<br>Personally, I am working 12 hour days and it's only March. I've actually given competitors some of my accounts, granted I didn't want them anyway.


I too am a new guy,i worked in a factory making 45,000 a year.not bad for a gravy job but i wanted outside,11 years inside sucked,and to laugh at a new guy aint cool,i got 40 yards to start with and i get alot of calls from people who are sick of the big companys,they always say my bid is high but they still call,they say the big companys send out differnt people all the time and they dont care what the job looks like,i know that aint always true,ive seen some nice work from big companys,so i just wish the best to all you new guys and i hope we all make it,I KNOW i will...i am lucky enough to have a wife with a great job so i know i will make it,as long as i can cut 2 yards a week i got enough for gas and smokes.and thanks to all of you with your great advise,i have learned sooooo much and will keep reading this everynite,<p>scott

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We were all new at one time. I've seen guys in business for several years that fails too. They forget to take care of the customer, start doing shabby work and loose all their customers. Do the best possible job you can, keep reading these posts and you will do just fine.<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;http://www.townserver.com/elm/&quot;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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Well I sure did ruffle a few feathers. I didn't mean to discourage you new guys. Some of you will do quite well I'm sure. But the fact remains that over half of you will fail. You must have a realistic outlook on your business. It is tough out there, not only the physical aspect of the work but also the lack of business knowledge of many in our industry. If you think &quot;hey I get enough money to buy smokes and gas&quot; then you fail to realize the value of your time. In my area you can make $35/hour doing just about anything (cleanups, weeding, etc.) and really good money $50-60/hour for specialty services (aeration, fertilizing, dethatching). My core business is mowing, that is where 75% of my net income is. If you know how to price work and can establish a good customer route then you will most likely be sucessful. But many guys cannot do this. That is all I way saying, it IS a fact. The only job I lost last year was mowing a storage unit. I was barely making any money on it to begin with. Then someone came in and said they would pick up trash (which i didn't do), spray roundup in the beds and mow for less than I was just mowing for. I said let them have it and now I have much more profitable accounts in there place. I'm just glad that some customers realize the quality of work that I do and are not going to take on some lowballing new guy. To everyone new, good luck, I just wanted to give you a perspective other than the one that you most often receive.

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New guys sprout up around here every spring like dandilions. We even had one guy who carried his Toro 36&quot; wb around in the back of his minivan. It doesn't bother me at all since I know that by July all of these guys will have disappeared from the roads. Most of these newbies haul thier mowers around in the trunk of their cars thinking that they will corner the market. It takes an attitude to cut grass and make money doing it. To make any business work you need the will to make a business work and organizational skills that only 1 percent of the population posesses.


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You gave up a 45000$ a year job to cut grass? Bet your family appreciated that. Everyone at the end of the year needs to figure up their NET profit.

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