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a.m. leonard


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hi all, Does anyone order anything from this company? I got a catalog from them today.


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zone 6
I have bought hand shears from them years ago. [Sandvik- pradines which I love, they hold a edge forever if you keep them out of dirt by spraying your schrubs off with water first].
I sent them money and they sent me tools, altogether a good deal.


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I bought my RBG blade grinder from them. They had the best price that could find.

Let it Grow

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Walla Walla, WA
I just got their catalog as well. I'm going to try out their 4-way soil analyzer. It looks a lot faster & easier than doing a soil test...we'll see if it actually works how they say it does!


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South Carolina
I have purchased a few items from the company. One great product they do stock is a line trimmer rack that is coated with a thick non-abrasive type substance that does not wear down the shafts of the trimmers, edgers etc. Comes with locks etc. That was 2 years ago and it is still doing the job well...... I also ordered an echo weed trimmer, cheaper than the local dealer.............Eric


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I have ordered from them many times in the past, they are a good company to work with.