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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Remote Pigtails, Jun 21, 2007.

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    I have abandoned my alter ego FIMCO-MEISTER temporarily to give a pigtail state of business affairs. This has been an unbelievable month for connector sales. I can't keep them in stock and right now am back ordered out two weeks. This obviously is a great problem to have and want to thank LAWNSITE for what I believe to be good exposure and most importantly loyal customers. Switching from contractor to supplier is a real challenge with a whole different set of problems and has taught me the difficulty of the task. I've had a few bumps over the three years I've been doing this part of my business and I'd like to think I've handled them well. My goal from day one was to make remote connectors something a contractor would purchase like a box of rotors.

    A tip I picked up from a customer:
    One of my biggest unfulfilled challenges is a weatherproof cap for outdoor installs. Seems easy but trust me it has not been. Anyway this customer uses graphite spray from the auto supply house that is used to spray battery cables to prevent moisture corrosion. After every use he gives his connector a very light spray.

    Once again Thanks
    Remote Pigtails
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    What about using one of those circular multi-conductor connectors that have a thread-on gasketed cover? That is, if you really need a stand-alone exterior connector.

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    Boots-send that ding a ling a url of what you are talking about. (No badgers puhleeeze)
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    I think Amphenol is/was one manufacturer of them. I think the big problem is that the original 37-pin connector wasn't ever designed with outdoor exposure in mind.
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    The military uses them

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    That is very similar to the Eicon. It is too bad Rain Master and TRC didn't do it that way instead of the two rows of parallel pins. I bet a circular to row adapter could be made but I'd have to decide if that is worth investing money and time on. I have found connectors for underwater and sea use but the price was way beyond what a contractor would pay for. The TRC door type cover can be purchased as a separate item but then you need the extension for the Rain Master. For a while RB made their MC with 15 pin connectors that allowed a quick cable hook up to a 37 pin remote but they have eliminated it to my knowledge. The new commercial ESP modular is set up for a remote that RB plans to release in the future. I told the local rep since RB was so incompetent at coming out with a decent remote they should just set up their controllers for remotes that work.
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    Dang... thought there might of been a big sale on Fimco indexing valves that I missed out on. :)

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    You haven't lived until you own a FIMCO indexing valve.

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