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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by eyes&earsopen, Jun 9, 2006.

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    I have read some interesting posts on here of how to determine how much mulch you need. I don't really concentrate on mulch, but I'm looking out for a co-worker - we've worked out the money already. Only thing is eye-balling the bed he wants filled it looks like 1 yard isn't going to make it. Would I be better off to get two yards - the area wraps around the front and back corner of his house. It is about 98' long and 3'-6' wide in some areas. I'm sorry fellas but I'm tired and I'd appreciate any pointers. I'm juggling work, mowing and going to school full-time.
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    search here or on google for mulch calculator and just fill in the dimentions... it should be three inches thick , then just plug in the other dimentions and it will tell you what you need..
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    Hey thanks Dave. It came ou to 2+ yards or so. I thought you were going to kill me when I saw that you had made a post, but it was very helpful. I totally agree with you when you said that "how do people continue to post what should I charge?" Last year I went out and worked under a co-worker, he didn't even offer me lunch or some water. He was riding the Z and I was doing the trimmer and the blowing. I didn't take it personal, but I saw the potential if you had the right equipment. Some things didn't need to be explained... Plus I bought a book with good info, and I visit lawnsite. He doesn't even have an email address. I don't knock him, but I'm trying to use every resource available to me personally. I didn't work for another person but for two weekends but I am a quick learner. I would never discount what some of you others have learned but what I quickly adopted was that I would only work for what I want to work for. Personally I would be embarrassed to ask some of the questions that I see on here, but some vets are so nice that they continue to post the same rates. Hey thanks for that pointer - I didn't want to waste any extra time on this job. I quit working for friends, family, or acquaintances but he was willing to pay to shut his old lady.
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    1 yard of mulch = 80 sq.ft. or so.
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