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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by ncstate, Jan 11, 2006.

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    I trying to start a lawn care business up. i need a name for it. Does anybody have an idea of a name for it. Or maybe a design i can use for my business ( or a website i can use). O one more thing if i in a partnership how should i split it up between me and him and parts and gas.

    These are some names i was thinking of:
    southern pride
    southern style
    cash and spence
    east coast

    thank you
  2. pnplawncare

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    When naming your business you have many things to think about. Is there any other in your state named that now ? Is there a .com name out there in the name you want to use ? Cause all these things will factor in naming your company. You have to remember you don't want to name it after some other company washed up and quite now that name has a bad rep. Also you will want to build website one day I'm sure. You will need to make it so you can have site in your company name. http://www.pnplawncare.com is mine. BUT I did register other names close to mine so they wouldn't be taken by someone else.
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    Read Sean's Newsletter #1 in the Tips of the Day and Monthly newletters section.
    Read that and think of some more names. I think you need something so that customers will know what you do.
    For a partnership you should talk to an accountant so that you have the business split up properly. You can invest more and be more of an owner.
  4. ncstate

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    that all my name goin to have lawn care on the back of them. that was my fault.

    p.s. how should i range my prices? i mean like how big the yard is, how much i cut, or something else?
  5. MMLawn

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    Sounds to me like you are trying to start a business that you really might not know much about or aren't ready for. Just because you may have cut yours or your parents lawn doesn't mean you are ready for a LCO business. I would suggest working with a LCO first and learning the business.

    As to a name in NC it is not as easy as just picking one and using it. You'll need to check with the NC Secretary of States Office to make sure no one has that name registered. Then you'll have to check with you local Register of Deeds office and do the same.
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    its not just that easy, you have to do your homework.. and be qualified, insured, licenced..... there are lots of companies out there and the chance of you not picking a already existing name arent that good....

    is theer room in your marketplace for another company, YOU should be able to figure out what you need to charge in your area...

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