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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by steveair, Oct 21, 2001.

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    the other week while working with a friend on a irrigation install, I saw a contractor use a neat trick for marking things out such as bed lines, patio borders, walkway layouts, etc.

    He used a old green plastic watering can (with out the 'rain' nozzle on it) and bags of lime dust.

    He just fille the can up and then poured it out while walking to create the lines he wanted to see.

    I thought it was pretty cool......as I have always used marking paint.

    Neat thing is, you can go back and just kick it around and it disappears so you can redo it.

    Been too many times where I get done marking out a job and end up forgetting what line was the good one. Looks like a bowl of spagetti sometimes.

    Also, you are giving the people a 'free' liming at the same time....

  2. paul

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    How about different colors? Most things I lay out are in white paint, but I carry about 6 or 7 different color flags and a couple a different colors of paint. I use one color to do grid lines and flags to mark out points. I also carry lath and 1x2 stakes plus a magic marker for put on cuts and fills.
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    we have in the past used flour
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    Thats a pretty cool idea. If the lines dont flow smoothly enough or the client changes his/her mind then you can just wash off the lime and re-do in about 3 minutes -LOL!!!

    Thanks for passing this tip along!

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