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Discussion in 'Florida Lawn Care Forum' started by Landscape Poet, Mar 10, 2012.

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    Here it is short and sweet.

    New neighbor moves in on my block. I do my best to ensure that no other turd is caring for homes on my block especially. I offer monthly service of mow, trim and edge on this lots for $75 as they are all under 3.5 K of turf.

    See the new neighbor that I have not had a chance to meet yet talking to some yahoos with tacky looking magnetic signs all over their truck declaring they are a lawn service. This guys appear to be winners!:rolleyes: I make not and pay the guy a visit next day.

    Me: Hi neighbor...I live right up the block and run a lawn service. I noticed you were talking to some other guys yesterday and would like to discuss the possiblity of caring for your lawn.

    Neighbor: Great...can you provide full service.

    Me: Yes , what would you like, mow edge trim, pest control on the lawn and shrubs as well and shrub trimming.

    Neighbor: Yes all of it please.

    Me: Great ...let me measure you lawn and I will be right back with you.

    Guy has 2.8 K of turf area. One viburnum about 4 foot high and 6 or 7 Foot long. One Sago and One Queen Palm.

    I figure min stop for my pest provider for lawn $60 but charge the customer $70 for my billing as $35.00 a month.

    Everything else in my control $97.00 - This includes mowing edging and trimming and trimming the shrubs which on average takes less than 15 minutes per lot on this block. Add a few minutes for pest control on shrubs and the occasional granular fert.

    Total Bill out the door for the Guy.....$132.00 I am thinking this is a steal.

    Me. Sir you total for everything is going to be $132.00 a month

    Neighbor: That is way higher than the guys yesterday told me.

    Me. Sir...this includes your pest and weed control on the lawn as well as fertilizer, shrubs care, shrub trimming and weekly mowing.

    Neighbor... Yes there price did to.

    Me...sir how much higher am I than them.

    Neighbor....they were $80 a month for everything.

    Me. Sir are they licensed to apply to your lawn.

    Neighbor: No...they are using True Green for the Lawn and doing the shrubs themselves.

    Me: Sir....I see you have a Mercedes slk 55 amg in the driveway. That tells me you like quality and do not mind paying for it. Do you understand that with True Green I really do not feel you will get the quality you are looking for and some of the weeds that you pointed out will still be here. There are aphids on your shrubs now and scale on your Sago as well and I have a feeling you will still have them in two months...so is it better to just pay now for the quality and not for later.

    Neighbor: I will switch to you in two months if the weeds are still here and the pest are not gone from the shrubs.

    So I leave and think about it. If they are subbing Tru Brown out.....say at $30 every two months which is less than $10 a K which is still a lousy price for them for this size lot.....that is taking $15.00 a month off their price.
    So for weekly lawn service including shrub trimming and shrub care they are at $65.00 a month!:confused::confused:

    Anyone else seeing prices this low? I thought the economy was getting better not worse. :hammerhead::hammerhead:
  2. This is a company who does not know how to price IMO and will be out of biz very quick. We have plenty of subdivisions like yours here with way more landscaping that guys will do for $80-$100/mo. I really mean a lot more landscaping too. Let fm have it. They will either stop showing up or just do a poor job until they get fired.
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  3. Landscape Poet

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    Diamond ...the price for mowing and trimming would not surprise me as it has been up here for a couple years too...but to include the shrub care including pesticide and fert....wow is all I have to say.

    I have no doubt that I will pick him up in two months as the weeds will still be in the lawn and the color will still lack. And that will be fine as I am not hurting for business and really do not care as it is just a pride thing with me not wanting another service on my block. Kind of like a dog marking his territory...but for that price I can not and will not lift my leg to mark it.:laugh::nono::nono:
  4. Oh right I missed that part.... Even worse then.
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  5. Day off?

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    I have that same problem in certain areas. One sub division in specific Country Walk / Meadow Pointe.
  6. Landscape Poet

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    I have not came across this until now. Cheap mowing...sure....cheap mowing and shrub trimming sure...they come and they go...but now they are getting into the chemical applications as well (not True Green we all known they have been around) but the shrub side of it. That is just crazy IMHO.
  7. DLCS

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    I will not work in my neighborhood, did it years ago and the neighbors always expect something for free.
  8. Day off?

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    That's just ridiculous. Companies like that kill us! It makes it so hard to charge a reasonable rate. $132 per month for everything is incredibly cheap! Now I'm pissed for you!
  9. Ric

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    Yep Goes right along with my ""Don't make your friends your customer, but make your customers your friend""

    Mikey you can't win them all. It is better to back off and let the chips fall where they may. If you push too hard now, when TG/CL and the $ 80 a month total cost falls flat or gives $ 80.00 worth of service, they just might call if you didn't make him mad.

  10. Landscape Poet

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    No Ric,

    I did not make him made and that is my plan and his as well. He agreed to stay with them to give them a shot and I can respect that. It is more the prices that really caught me off guard. I explained some of the the differences and I think I left him with a good impression.....so I expect to gain this account in a few months when the results are just not evident.

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