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    Just wanted to stop in and say hello. My name is Justin and I live in the south western suburbs of Chicago. In 2000 I started a landscape company with a busness partner that lasted 5 years. In 2004 I was hired on full time as a firefighter for the town of Joliet, IL. Thru 2004-05 I was sent thru the local paramedic program and time fell short for both. My offer was to sell everything (equipment and 80 residential and 20+ commercial contracts) to my business partner at the time but he declined for reasons unknown. Well 6 years later I feel the itch again. I havn't forgotten the long hours and hard work that came along with it.
    I still own a few pieces of equipment but will basically be starting all over again. (New name for my company (undecided), no partners, new equipment, new customers etc.) Looks like I have alot to re learn with all new equipment on the market etc.
    I wont be starting again till the 2012 season so I'll using this forum for all my research. I'll also be keeping operations to just myself and what ever I can handle. Fetilization, spring/ fall cleanups lawn maintanace, aeration dethatching etc. I already have a great job I'm just looking to make a little more money on my days off again.
    Thanks in advance for all the info,
    Justin Bill.
    Former equipment:
    6x16ft Tandem Trailer
    F350 SD dump w 8.5 ft Hieniker
    F250 HD 7 ft Western
    2 Lesco 60 In ZTR
    1 36" Exmark hydro
    1 52" Wright Stander
    Bluebird Aerators, dethtatchers
    Stihl Blowers, Trimmers, Hedge trimmers.
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    I am new here as well, I have a 2008 Wright Stander 52" 23 HP Kaw i may be selling right around the time you want to start. I bought it brand new in 2008 and it has only been used by me, no employees as i am a 1 man shop. I too do this on the side to make a little extra on top of my regular job. Ler me know if you are interested, I hope your business starts well for you Good luck!

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