A new Fastrack-Kind of a long story

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by hatetomow, Jul 17, 2007.

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    As you can tell, I hate to cut grass. The sooner I can get it done the better. I want it done right, but I want to be finished. I cut about 2.25 acres of fairly flat, even grass. Half centipede and half pasture grass with a lot of weeds thrown in to fill be bare spots.

    Well, my old Simplicity 16LTH had been giving so many little problems I decided to replace it. The Briggs Vanguard engine was running great but everything else seemed to be falling apart. Soooo, since I had been looking at the Cub Cadets for a few months I decided to go with a 2542. Loved it, that is until I took it home and started cutting grass. It left stalks everywhere, cut unevenly, no stripes, etc. I guess the Simplicity spoiled me a bit. Even after 13 years it would outcut the Cub hands down.

    Anyway, after a few attempts at getting the Cub to cut the way I wanted I went back and had a heart to heart talk with my dealer. He asked me exactly what I wanted. I said I needed a grass cutting MF, something that eats grass like an 8 year old eats watermelon. And that's exactly what I got:weightlifter: I love it!! And after the wife got over the sticker shock($5899+tax) and saw how it cuts, she's pretty happy as well. Which makes me even happier:drinkup: What used to take 4-5 hours on the Simplicity now takes about 1.5 hours. And that was my first time. And NO WEEDEATING!!:clapping: :drinkup:

    I had about 10 hours on the Cub. My dealer (Whitley Lawn and Garden in Monroe NC) took the Cub back and sold me the Hustler. I may have overpaid a little, but I can't fault the dealer. And THAT'S why I buy from a dealer and not a box store.

    But a few questions:

    1.) For 6 grand why can't Hustler put the hour meter on? Can't be the cost.

    2.) Why no ROPS for the Fastrack?

    3.) What is included in the mulching kit? Will it allow me to remove the rubber chute guard thingy?

    4.) Will the suspension seat fit the fastrack?

    5.) Why SO much for the "Super Oil"? Even the king of mark-up, HD, doesn't charge that kind of money for their synthetic oil.

    That's about it for now. As you can tell I really like the mower. I even get on it to ride around the yard sometimes. And I am very imperssed with the mowerconsultant on this forum. I don't think anyone else has this kind of service. Kind of a direct line to the factory. And as a Customer Service Rep myself, I love it.
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    Congrats on the new mower!!! and welcome to the family.

    I will answer your questions in the order and # you asked them.

    1) We never have put them on as std item on any residential series mower we make, we feel its not a "needed" item.
    2) We are not doing ROPS std on any of our mowers until this industry can come up with a industry std for all Mfg's, at this time they have not.
    3) baffles and close off plate and all hardware needed along with instructions (you need to order mulching blades also) and once you have the mulch kit installed you can remove the discharge chute.
    4) I believe the bolt pattern is the same, although I have never bolted one on.
    5) Super Oil is a high quality blend, not synthetic, your also paying for the warranty extension of 2 additional years.
  3. hatetomow

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    That kind of response is what I'm talking about. That's customer service!!

    The thing about the hour meter is that all service recommendations in the owners manual are hourly. Like the first oil change after 8 hours.

    As for the rest of the answers, thanks!!

    Do you have a part no. and price for the mulch kit?

    Thanks again:drinkup:
  4. mowerconsultant

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    I understand what your saying, most home applications can be timed out, like you mentioned it now takes you so many hours to mow, figure after a certain times mowing you do the required maintenance.
    That or buy the meter I guess.
    I am assuming you bought a 21/54 FasTrak??
    If so here is the information.
    The mulch kit is part # 108197
    Here are your mulching blade options.
    797712 Gator blade
    797704 Wavy mulching blade
  5. Kenkirk

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    First of all I just want to say how much I enjoy my new Fastrak 20/54! I actually fertilized my yard so I could go for a ride more often! Then the rains came here in North Texas! That's when I found out how strong a beast these mowers really are! I have 6 hours on the beast and all is perfect. But Hatetomow brought up some good questions. The same I have been thinking too. I went ahead and bought the hour meter and put it on myself. It was easy once you knew where to cut the plastic plate and install the meter. But I was miffed I had to bother with this at all. My thoughts... it is either a little something for the dealer to make some money on or it is Hustler not knowing its end users as well as they think. All of the scheduled service is hours based. You have to know the hours. Anyone spending over 5k for a mower is serious about his mower. Include the little hour meter. It just pissed me off.
    There needs to be at least an option for roll over protection. Things happen. These machines can kill. Safety first. Let the buyer decide if he wants the protection, but make it available.
    I personally I have found nothing better than fully synthetic oil. I understand the price of the Hustler oil which brings about the extra 2 years of warranty, but I only use fully synthetic. So I had to pass on the Hustler oil. If it was a fully synthetic, I would have gone for it. I think my Honda actually idles smoother with Mobil 1. I have been using Mobil 1 in all of my Honda motors for years. They all run like new and my Honda push mower is 15 years old!

    Lastly, it is wonderful to have a rep from Hustler available on a forum like this! It really confirms my decision to spend the money and buy a first class mower. BTW, my mowing time went from my yard man spending 3.5 hours to me spending 1 hour! He used my gear.( a Honda riding tractor ) I can spend an hour, I just did not have half a day for my 1.5 acre yard. :drinkup:

  6. timmac

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    hatetomow, you can add an hour meter to your mower for little to nothing. check with your dealer. he should of thrown one in for 6000.
  7. mowerconsultant

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    I hear ya.... points well expressed.
    And the management of our company reads this on a very regular basis.
    Welcome to the Hustler family!!
  8. hatetomow

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    Well, I did spend the 31 bucks for the hour meter. BUT what I found out the hard way is that there are 2 cut outs on the operator panel and they ARE NOT the same size. I wanted the hour meter up next to the warning light, but when I cut the plastic out, I found the hole was to small. All I could do at that point was to enlarge it so the hour meter would fit. It looks good but a lot of trouble. And no instructions with the meter. I'm assuming I should have used the hole down next to the key.

    And like Kenkirk, I will be using a synthetic in my mower.

    But still no rain!! And I've cut all the grass I can find. I may have to change my username!!

    Thanks for the response folks.
  9. Kenkirk

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    I noticed the different size holes also. I wonder what goes in the other one? A tach would be cool. Anyway I matched them up with the meter to find which one to cut. The connectors took me a little while to figure out since these were not invented yet when I used to fiddle with cars. I like those type of connectors now that I know how to pull them apart. The instructions I received with my meter were for the old model, so I spent some time looking for the cut outs. All in all it was not the kind of thing a new owner needs to do with a 5k mower. It would be so quick and easy to add it on during assembly since they have the harness all ready to go. Enough said...

    Fertilize the yard! I am just now at the point that I will let my son cut some grass. It was just too fun! So now we are going to split the yard. :laugh:

    I noticed in another thread synthetic ( Mobil 1 ) is approved for the ZT2800's also. So I will be using Mobile 1 for the hydros when the time comes to change their oil.



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