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    Hi all I'm new to this line of work...well almost, I had 5 customers for about 6 years when I was a kid. I could've had more but my parents wouldn't let me run their lawn mower that much, and I wasn't willing to give up my fortune to by a cheap lawn mower when my dad made me buy gas a oil and sharpen the blades myself. I'm a truck driver by trade and a "jack of all trades". I've been doing a lot of side jobs for various people through the years (auto repairman, computer tech, painter, carpenter, and on and on.) I have done a couple of cut and trim jobs along with whatever else I've done for a client.

    My goal in this venture is to be self sufficient with all that I can do. I have heard of a few people that do clean out, minor repair and lawn maintenance on foreclosures. This interests me because it corporate jobs great possibilities, but how long will it last. I really hate being a truck driver, but at 21 with only a year and a haft of collage and not enough experience to know better you make bad choices. I have managed to find a job that bring in the same amount of money as over-the-road driving, but be at home each night. I work 10-16hrs.day and still don't see my family enough. Yeah I know adding more work doesn't help much. :hammerhead: At one point in the last 10 years I had owned my own truck and ran it semi successfully for 2 years before giving it up and driving for some one else....I like being my own boss better even working with lying cheating scoundrels for brokers. My wife had been in the building industry for 10 years working for small home builders and making friends. From her experience and my handyman experience we decided to try and flip a house for profit. This decision took about 5 years, prodding from a couple of friend in real estate for a couple of years and about 6months before bust...I now sit on said flip looking for renters. Great Idea bad timing. A couple of weeks ago we had talked about doing some lawn care and heard about foreclosure maintenance. So I started looking for some small lawn care outfits to buy hopefully with accounts. last week I had found a fairly good deal on a zero turn mower with only 118.2hrs on it. so I bought it. Here I am now looking for some advice and hoping to do a little reading so that lawn care and a little bit of handyman service will go together so I can make my wild dreams come true. :laugh:

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