A new LED mr-16 I am testing

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by David Gretzmier, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. David Gretzmier

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    I just picked up the new Sylvania Ultra LED that Lowes and other folks are beginning to carry. This is the new version of the lamp I started testing just 6 months ago. you may remember a thread about the ones I found that were all over a cruise ship and how using LED's ( since they run 24/7 ) saves them a fairly spectacular amount of diesel fuel.

    The new LED just shows how fast this technology changes. The old one has just been out for a year or so, used 8 watts, produced 220 lumens at 3000k temperature. at the same color temperature, the new one uses 6 watts and produces 300 lumens. that means the efficiency has went from 28 lumens per watt to 50. The 2 older ones I put in back in February/march have been going 24/7 outside in an enclosed brass bullet and are still going.

    What is new is these LED's are not labeled indoor ( so outdoor maybe? )only like the old one, have a size factor that is smaller and now identical to a regular halogen mr-16, and they are labelled "dimmable", which actually may be a bad thing. I will hook this up to different taps this week and let you guys know if 10 volts looks different than 12.

    I have already put the bulb in a fixture at my house today, I will try to take a photo comparison tonight between a 20w halogen 60 degree and the LED that is labelled "narrow flood", which may mean 36 or 24 degrees, I don't know.
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    David, thanks for the testing. I would say that a 24 degree would be a narrow flood. A 36 is considered a flood, not wide or narrow, just a flood.
  3. David Gretzmier

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    could not find my SD card for my camera last night, so no photo yet. looking at the color, it seems to mimic halogen at about 11.6-11,8 volts , or pretty close to 3000-3200k. brightness wise it is about right on 300 or so lumens, I would say it is about 25-35 % brighter than the 20watt 60 degree that was there, but I would say it is closer to a 36 degree flood, rather than a 24. it is labelled narrow flood, but from a 16 inch distance from the base on a 9 foot tall wall, I did not detect much of a triangle hotspot that I would expect from a 24 degree. it is pretty 36-45 degree floody, but not 60 degree floody.
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    Sylvania is about to launch a generation 2 LED. The Ultra is good but the Gen2 is 10 times more robust, also it will be great for Lscape Ltg as it's completely sealed.

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