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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stormchaser, Jun 13, 2001.

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    As a newbie I'm learning a lot from you fellas and I have to congratulate you all on your generosity to us who are new as well as to each other.

    So I'm going to be a little different from most newbies and be bold enough to pass on something that may or may not help those of you who wish to check it out.

    I have been involved with my brother in carpet cleaning. They have a discussion board that is very similiar to this one. As good as this one (I won't say better, not trying to wear out my welcome). Though there are many topics dealing with the nuts and bolts that none of you would probably be interested in, I am impressed as to how similiar both boards are regarding marketing and similiar questions.

    Whoops, running out of room. More on next message. The site is located at:

  2. Stormchaser

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    Continuing on...

    One good example is flyers. On this board (using the search function), I've read about good, bad, and modest results from using flyers. On the ICS board I've learned how to do a flyer that pulls extraordinarily better than the average.

    There are also some marketing support companies that sell their marketing packages, generating at times big controversaries on the ICS board between the adherents and the critics, and fun to read. We actually purchased the most expensive program and my brother still gets most of his business from one single flyer made available from them.

    At any rate, they have a search function and I reccommend searching the same way as this board, looking for words like marketing, flyers, etc. Most will probably ignore this, and that's ok. But it may help some. Whatever.
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    You are smart for taking what info you can from that site (& there are plenty of others for this industry & all of the others). There are business fundamentals that apply to any & all types of businesses that one needs to apply, in order to succeed at any of them. Marketing is part of that. I used to be a mid level manager for a large food service company before starting on my own in this industry. I was lucky to have been able to bring with me a lot of information from that experience including marketing, customer service, budgeting & P&L's, estimating, human resource issues etc., that help me now. Good luck!
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    Stormchaser, Both of those posts would of fit on one post. Where you are typing the post, once it fills up, it scrolls down so you can keep on typing.

    Welcome to Lawnsite :)

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