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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Without A Drought, Aug 17, 2010.

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    I've left my previous company. After about six months of "running the service division", and countless arguments with the owner, i left the company i've worked for for the last 6 years. He and I, (more me), realized that he does not need a service manager, as he likes to micro manage the company.

    I found employment with a commercial landscape company. they have a very small irrigation division (me). The previous tech left, was fired, fell off the map... i'm not really sure as i've heard conflicting reports.

    Anyway, i've been handed about 40 larger commercial sites that are plagued with problems. Of the 5 or 6 i've visited, i figure i have at least 2 seasons worth of just upgrades, not counting any seasonal service/repairs.

    There is a whole S-load of electrical work (which i really like to work on).

    Which brings me to my question.

    I have the Station master, but i don't like it. I'm thinking up getting the Pro 48. Does that do better than the station master in terms of activating valves? (seems like my station master needs battery changes every day in order to open valves from a distance)

    Then on to the TDR. from what i've read, it seems like it's a very effective tool in the right hands. I'm itching to buy it, but i feel it may be a little too much info that would send me in the wrong direction.
    So to Jim, (and the Capster), how hard/long (ha ha) did it take you to figure out and be able to use it as an effective tool in troubleshooting irrigation? I know that there are a bunch of sites that i know i could use it on, i'm just not sure how long it would take me to actually make use of it, and whether i could justify the purchase.

    At any rate, after a few weeks, the job is going great. It's all commercial, so i don't have to deal with Mrs. Smith and her wet spot in the back yard. the bosses leave me alone during the day, and in 3 weeks I've managed to solve year-long issues, increase and streamline billing, and demonstrate to the bosses how profitable irrigation can be.

    Thanks for the input.

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    Kick azz!!! Sounds like a winner for you man. Good job.

    For the commercial properties, you really need a remote, and the SM would be a secondary item.

    Dude, what's wrong with finding the wet spot? :)
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    Since I got a remote, I haven't touched my Station Master but maybe 2 times. In fact, in May of this year I cut one of the 9V battery plugs off of it to make a quicky repair to the remote in the field and I haven't bothered to fix it yet, or needed it for that matter.
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    Weird. I just ordered a Station Master today. I love it! A remote compliments, but does not replace it, IMO.
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    A remote is not really needed, (i have an ICR and use it when i need it, i also have a helper).

    The station master helps because i have a lot of single strand, and/or some horrific wire splices. so when i'm working backwards from the valve, trying to establish continuity through the multiple splices, i find it helpful (along with my meter) to activate the zone. that way i know quickly that i have the wire that i need.

    and i don't my mrs. smith's wet spot so much as the dry area around it when the head gets blocked by a bush.
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    My pro 48 is about the same as a station master. I really haven't noticed any difference. You can't really use them as an absolute when troubleshooting, they are just another tool to help.
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    excuuuuuuuuuuuus me?
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    I wish I could say I missed Mrs. Smiths' wet spot.

    I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this Mrs. Smith lacks a bush. God bless 'er.


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    have the Pro-48 Pretty much the same but Henry tells me the wire indicator tool that compliments it is much better than the GreenLee version. I also think yhe wires are better protected where it goes into the case.
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    Plant some seeds. Maybe it'll grow back.

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