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    I am new to the site but i have been doing lawns for 4-years and up to this spring have not wanted any more yards to mow then 1 or 2 and mid summer then we the (helper) said we should look for more yards to mow and we did put out flyers & b-cards but we have only 3- yard to mow now . So how do we get more yards to mow? We are thinking about use ing the the door things ( bandit & stick-it ) what do you all think? We want to stay small and may stay with mowing only the home owner . Let us know what you all think. We have 1-32 lesco walk b 1- 44 toro walk b 2- 21 mtd mowers 3-sears trimmers 2- sears blowers 1- 5x8 trl 1- 7x18 car trl .:)

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