A North Florida 'Hello'!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Copper Creek Cuts, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Copper Creek Cuts

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    Hi all!

    Just introducing myself. 2018 will be my second season in business. I am setup to target small residential properties, of which there are half a dozen neighborhoods or so in my city that fit the bill. I am a solo operator running on a part time schedule.

    Looking forward to participating in the conversations!

    - Brad

    P.S. The attached photo is a snapshot of the first trailer I used. It is a Harbor Freight 4x8 with wooden picket sides and a routed business name sign that I made myself. I used that for about 2 months before the sketch factor of loading the mower with ramps got to me! I upgraded to a 5x10 enclosed (not pictured) and kept the Harbor Freight one for a bit before finally selling it in August or September of this year(EDIT: Ugh, meant 2017!).

  2. oqueoque

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    Welcome. What's the weather like, down there, now?
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  3. Todd73

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    Welcome aboard.
  4. johnfaria68

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    Hello and welcome
  5. Steve5389

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    Hello Copper and welcome. NW or NE Fl?
  6. Copper Creek Cuts

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    Thanks for all the welcomes! :)

    Getting better! Had a week that was f-f-f-f-freeeeezing. I did not like that Sam-I-am.

    NE! Just an hour west of you. I lived and worked in Jax for almost a decade before coming back to where I grew up.
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