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    I imagine many of you install or maintain outdoor low voltage lighting. It's once again time to make you aware of the place and time where we can all come together...face to face.... to share ideas, see the latest technology, and learn from each other. this forum is awesome, probably the best, but nothing can replace being together, in person. This year could be the best conference location, (alright, maybe not for you professionals in Canada or on the west coast), you still have to purchase a plane ticket...but what an easy airport to fly into...Atlanta, one of the largest in the world and therefore offering the best deals. YES, this years AOLP conference will be held ATLANTA!!!

    2013 AOLP Annual Conference & Expo
    February 14-16, 2013
    Grand Hyatt Atlanta, GA in Buckhead

    Go to www.aolponline.org to get registerd
    do it soon and take advantage of early registration prices

    This years conference is all about business.... your business. Timing is perfect. Bringing professionals like yourselves together to create and build certaintity in what some consider a pessimistic world. Remember, if your truly exceptional at what you do, there will always be someone seeking your service.

    This is an exceptional opportunity to come and learn and share with others in the industry. Hope you take a moment to seriouisly consider.

    thank you

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