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    I am mostly a lurking sometimes poster but after reading a lot of posts and some investigation my thoughts on the debate of which is the best ZTR mower is as follows.( the major brands such as eXmark hustler scag dixie and maybe great dane ( big maybe) They or most use the same engine manufactures so engine wise this shouldnt be a issue and most use the same parts such as pullys ect so i would think they are all going to fail once in a while ( even cars fail too ) on any given machine . The only part that is made seperate is the frame i am guessing :confused: so is one frame better than the other who knows ? i havent heard to many people complain that their frame broke . Iam guessing alot of people chose a machine for the dealer support and a lot of hear say. I had someone tell me one time the biggest lier in the world is a saleman whether it be car , shoe or mower saleperson and they tell you what you want to hear ......... how great their mowers are how much better it is than brand x probally a bunch of bull if truth be know i think with what we put them thru they all must be pretty good machines . If i could have my way i have one of each . Well i will quit rambling but its just my 2 cents for what ever its worth . My only question is what price range is the scag wildcat going to be in . I just got the new catolog in mail today and kinda got me curious ?
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    Deck design has a lot to do with the differences also.

    No mower is perfect for everyone. Each person has different needs, even if you live in the same areas.
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    I agree/disagree w/ alot that you're saying. Here is why and you may/not have thought of this and it is only a couple examples.

    This summer when I was first looking at replacing my Scag TT, I was at the Exmark dealer and he was showing me the LC Lazers w/ Kaw engines. Some here already know what I'm talking about but theirs is the same only out of the box, meaning once Exmark gets it, it no longer the exact same Kaw Scag is installing. Main diff is the radiator and it is completely diff. if I've ever seen anything. Basically you better ask some others but what I gathered the top mount radiator didn't have the peaks and valleys the other manufacturers had w/ same LC Kaw engines Scag produces. So bascially, this like alot of other stuff is better/not as good engineering of individual parts and how they operate and function as a whole. So what your saying is similar to saying that all computers are the same for the most part when infact routers,circuit boards are closer/further thus effecting each computer manufacturers performance in different ways.
    The same is true with our mowers and how all the combined parts work together. Or how about Ford building there 4.6L engines and putting them in a Mustang, Explorer, F-150, etc, now obviously you don't get the same performance out of all their vehicles w/ the 4.6L or the same fuel economy.

    Now I do agree, a Kaw motor is going to basically going to last and work as hard as the next Kaw motor but it is how it is engineered to work w/ the rest of the mower that really matters and sets manufacturers apart from one another.
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    I know when I was shopping for walkbehinds. The way the components were put together was the big difference. The way they are sized together. What **** size with what engine. wheels size, transmission type and size, clutch . Getting the combination of Parts that you want Is the tricky part. And The deck. The deck is what does the work so that is one of the most important parts.

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