A once nice lawn has a huge dry spot due to gophers-what to do?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by hummingbird3d, Jul 26, 2009.

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    I got one of my customers to have a super great looking yard soon after I fertilized it, a month later and only a week later after my last lawn cut this same lawn developed a huge brown spot right in the middle of the lawn.

    The watering schedule stayed the same and pretty much the the weather too, but the owner attributes the browning to the gophers that burrow from the canyon on the other side of his fence. Does more watering help? I don't want to turn into Bill Murray and have to go commando to get rid of these gophers, I don't have time for that. What solutions have you guys come up with to keep these varmints out and the grass green again?
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    What? Gophers are drinking up all the water in the soil? Now I've heard it all...

    Yes, he needs to get rid of the varmits, but the problem with the dry spots in the lawn are not going to be related, UNLESS the gopher chewed through the irrigation pipe or valve wire... And they are known to do that.
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    The gophers cause dry spots because of the tunnels and root damage. At least that is how it works around here. Similar to moles.
    Mix Plaster of Paris powder with peanut butter and roll it into large marble sized balls and place for the vermin to eat. It only kills rodents.
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    Hmm, sounds like some sweet revenge there smallaxe I might have to try that :laugh:

    I had a thread in here back in the spring on Moles, got a lot of ideas, tried a lot of things and the one that seemed to help the most was the Victor Out-O-Sight traps.


    Since I've been using the traps, I can only say one thing. I think moles have a sense of danger just like a K-9 and when they sense danger they stay away. I've caught and killed one Mole, this year has been the worse ever and once I put the trap in the run thats it, they just don't come back around.

    I'd be interested to know how they work on gophers :drinkup:
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    Gophers are tough to 'trap'. If there is a trap that works on gophers it would be interestting to know. :)
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    knock on wood I haven't had that problem "YET" :laugh:

    We are out in the country so at any given time I can walk outside and within a minute see 5 different types of animals and birds but so far, not a gopher :clapping:
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    Around here gophers live in the hayfields and ditchlines. Most of the time they go straight down with no caving of topsoil.
    I have seen colonies , however, that seems to dessimate the entire area with very little surviving above it. Like a giant Ant-hill.

    In fact an ant-hill causes more problems than gophers or moles around here.

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