A Part-Timers Transition


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I have a small army of questions for everyone...I have to make a decision here?

I do this part time, but, I guess I do an awesome job or something,, cause I am getting calls out the butt this year,,,its only my second year? I love it,,, but,,,,ill tell ya,,I'm only 22 years old and this might sound stupid to you old timers, but I can only get so much done during the day alone. I have my girlfriends brother help me to mulch cause that can get old as much as I have had.. and I have been servicing all of my mowing customers alone.

When do you decide to make the transition, from part, to full time?

Maybe I don't want to actually go full time,,,I mean,,,I love it,, and would love to just do this for the rest of my life (w/ employees),, but I need an income during the winter too.

I would be giving up the winter income?

Or, do you guys keep the job during transition, and just hire some guys to help you?

If you do hire people or a side hand to help you, mow, mulch or what have you... Where do you find this person?

If they are under 18,, they are probably in school during the days? If he worked alone,,, and i let him run the hsow and just check on him,,,that kinda scares me,,but would take a lot of strain of me.

You, see guys,,, this I'm full time between work and my company,,but if i hire a guy,,,i know i can't keep him busy all week,,wel,,not for 40 hours,,not just yet?

So do i just try and get someone to help me on the spot,, when i need him? Where do you find such a man??

Lots of questions,,,just answer it as a whole,,..lol I was on a role...

I love you all...lol


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22 yrs old, no wife, kids, mortgage, brains. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU WAITING FOR???? i'd go full time tommorow! don't even quit your job, just do what i did, stop showing up. you want a good life? start building now, do it right, make alot of money, build a future. winter money? you're kidding right? how bout this, make 6-8 grand a month during the season, and spend the winter, half in bermuda, the other half in bahamas, thats where they serve the coors light with a little umbrella stickin out of the can.


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You are young! Do it now. Work part time at night if you must. But why work and then pay some help to service your accounts while you are working for the man??
Market yourself to new customers and your existing customer base!


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Husky, I am 35 years old, 3 kids, wife, mortgage, etc. and finally decided this year to go full time after being part time for 4 years. BEST MOVE I EVER MADE!. The work is pouring in and I love getting up to go to work in the morning. My advice to you, is if you have a good head on your shoulders(which you seem to), take your chances while you are young, but be smart about your business decisions,watch your money and ALWAYS take your business seriously. If people see how you handle yourself it will go a long way. Best of luck to you. Go for it!

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