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A Perfect Lawn truck 1

Kennedy Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic
El Dorado Kansas
Thats pretty cool, I like it.


LawnSite Fanatic
busy, but very nice. i like what is being done with wraps. a local irrigation co here did this with a service van, huge pics of lawn and sprinklers going on a nice sunny day. looks great just like your truck


LawnSite Senior Member
i dig it what does something like that run anyways?


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Cincinnati Ohio
I think it looks super good. Love the logo and everything.

.... I do like it alot, but i find it kind of funny with your name "A perfect Lawn" and your lettering type isnt perfect... or what i mean is its ruff. IMO i would have made a clean cut font, that looks perfect.

Logo still looks great and attracts peoples attention but its just one small detail.

I hope i dont sound like a dick