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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by stephen@freedom, Dec 4, 2012.

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    I just joined pinterest a few days ago and I "think" I have a way to benefit you with it.
    If you have a quailty website that has quailty pictures on it post a link to your website address on this thread. I will go to your website and post your photo's to my pinterest board titled landscapes. Two things this does it showcases your photo's and your work, but even better when I pin it on my board pinterest automatically attaches a back link to the website where I got the photo from. Under each photo will be a link to your site. I have already tested it and this works.
    As Tony stated in another thread it may not be your target customer viewing the pictures, but it should turn out to be a quailty back link for you, and a way of directing some traffic to your site.
    After seeing how difficult back linking, directing traffic to your website, and improving SEO is I am willing to help anybody. I will also add them in the future to a photo gallery that I am going to create titled "landscaping design ideas" to my website in hopes that potential customer will see something they want me to build for them.
    Post a web link here if your interested.
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    That's a theory.

    But if my photo is good, and people search images, then it places your account as one more obstacle in my way, potentially sending people to your account first, instead of my site.

    Because it places multiples of a single photo online in more than one place.

    I like the other way better than I list on my photo policy page. My images are available for many things, provided people link back to my site with the specific text link requested. And that places the images and links on many different sites, than just one or two types of site.

    At my own site, I've merely linked to other people's photos, not even showing the image on my page, and found that Google Images sometimes gives me the greater advantage than the person who owns and hosts the image at their site.


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