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    I started my business in April of 2003 almost by accident. I had always wanted to play in the dirt, do excavation and concrete and all that, and own my own business. I have been in Bobcats since I was about 4 years old, my Grandpa built swimming pools and was die-hard on the Bobcat brand, so I always have been very comfortable around skid steers, mini-ex's and tractors. Anyway, when my Grandpa died in 2000, and his business was sold, my hopes of working for him and learning a lot of new things kind or diminished. I then decided that since nobody was going to hire a 15 year old to do Bobcat work, maybe I could start mowing lawns, I had a 84 F250 4x4, and bought a John Deere 14 SB 21" mower. With my money from my ninth grade graduation I bought a new echo srm-230, and a blower, and I was off to work. The first year, I'll admit that I was a scrub, BUT, I did a good job on the 3 lawns that I had, and that said a lot. I was also working part time for a contractor who has the contracts to mow the corps of engineers lake here, and several other big properties. After this summer of mowing, and working A LOT in the hayfield, I had enough money saved up to buy a used 48" John Deere walk behind. By early 2004 I had obtained insurance, and a friend of mine and I decided to work together for the year and see how it went. We picked up a list of about 30 lawns we were doing on a subcontract basis. After mowing for this contractor for about 3 months, we began having problems getting paid, so we dropped all of his work. Due to our lightened work load, we both got other jobs. I went to work for a friend of mine who had been doing mowing and landscaping for 20 years, and did i ever learn a lot. Since my partner and I's schedule never matched up to mow, we split ways, about the same time I bought my first rider, a Grasshopper 720K, which was really pretty wore out when I got it, but got me through the fall, mowing only on Saturday, and doing some side jobs on Sunday since I had football all week. The spring of 05 came, and I traded in the old 84 on a 96 F250 4x4 Ext. Cab PSD. I LOVE MY TRUCK. Anyway, I had about 20 of my own residential and small commercial lawns and took on about 15 subcontract lawns just for the spring and summer until the other contractor caught up and could mow them himself. After about a month of full service, the old Grasshopper started to give up, so I traded it on my 2005 John Deere 737 60" Z. That was the best move I ever made, I could cut so much more grass and do a much nicer job with the Deere. I worked for a month at the local sod farm, but due to my ever increasing work load, I had to give that up and focus on mowing and landscaping. In about august I bought a 7.5ft Western pro-plow from a friend of mine for $700. I hunted up a 83 F250 4x4 to put my plow on and paid for the truck and plow in the two plowable events we had here, lots of false alarms by the weather man, but only 2 pushes, o well. Now that 06 is here and I am about to graduate high school, a good friend of mine is turning over several accounts to me to make room for hydroseeding in his schedule, there are very few hydroseeders in our area, and he is hoping to make it take off, especially for builders. Anyway, I haven't done as much landscaping by now this year as I had last year, but I haven't been trying as hard to get work, since I have a good customer base now of about 35 customers, and several commercial bids out at the time, along with several large, respected companies referring mowing that they dont have time for to me. Sorry about the long ramble, I kinda get carried away sometimes!:cool2:

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