A question about CAT and Komatsu

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by romangosu, Nov 7, 2008.

  1. romangosu

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    Are their 20-30T excavators and 30-60T excavators assembled on a line or on two different lines????

    Waiting 4 u guys.....*trucewhiteflag*
  2. jefftb

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    I'm sure you do not mean that CAT & Komatsu are manufactured in the same factory but rather your question is; do the same assembly lines manufacture
    both size machines?

    I know that the Komatsu facility 25 miles from here produces excavators but I'm not sure what the top end is. The ship an awful lot of PC200 & up machines out of there. Not sure about the 138 & 160's though. Machines smaller than that do not get produced there and I am not sure if they produce anything there larger than PC300 size.

    So yes, there is some crossover. Are they on the same lines on the production floor? Not sure, but why would it matter......?
  3. romangosu

    romangosu LawnSite Member
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    thx...Ur right..I Mean "do the same assembly lines manufacture both size machines?"

    I konw Komatsu Chattanooga Plant produces 20-40tons ,but I dont konw if the plant produce >40tons excavator....and if all the sizes are assembled on the same line...

    I want to konw this....

    still waiting ....
  4. bobcat_ron

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    I do know that Cat's bigger hoes (345 and up) are made oversea's, there was this really cool show on Discovery channel show casing a massive ship that carried heavy equipment on the bottom and vehicles on top, it set out from Sweeden with lots of Volvo loaders and Cat dozers (D6's) and some of the camera shots had a few 345's, and it was all destined for New York, Cat may have some manufacturing plants over sea's just for specific models.
  5. romangosu

    romangosu LawnSite Member
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    but I know CAT does not have plant in Sweden and it produces 345 in Aurora Plant in US...

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