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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DAZ982500, Nov 22, 2005.

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    I see most of you guys are looking forward to ending season, regrouping then starting fresh next year I agree.It's nice to switch gears get a break start up again next year.Despite my not so successful attempts with gaining new customers through newspaper ads/flyers I will attempt to gain additional customers via newspaer again this year.Most new customers come via word of mouth.I am trying to decide whether I want to purchase either a 48" Hydro wb or a ztr.At this time I have 36 gear wb and 44 gear wb.What I am struggling with is the size of properties I service vs price of investmant.Most properties are completed without any trouble within 20-1hr, cutting,trimming and blowing by myself.If I by Hydro it is an upgrade, slight alittle bit more of an investmant but if I by ztr bigger investmant I am on the borderline with property size vs money.Time wise I will cut quicker be able to take on bigger jobs, if I can get them and make more money anf be less fatigued .This is appealing to me however, I do not want to put the horse before cart, properties justify purchase.At this time the biggest properties I have are 1/4-1/2 acre with 44 they are done in one hour with other things I mentioned.The two pieces I was thinking about were Gravely 44z or 48 hydro wb.Give me your thoughts on this.Please. Thanks Dave.
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    Personally, I don't think I would buy anything smaller than something with a 52" deck on it. I don't think you will save a tremendous about of time going from a gear drive to hydro, but going from a gear drive to a Z with a larger deck will dramatically save time. As far as putting the cart in front of the horse, only you can answer that. My first year of buisness I only had 6 accounts. By the end of the year I had no more accounts, but purchased a $9K Walker, for two reasons. One, I could afford it (mainly supported by my full time job) and two, I knew I was going to stay in this business for the long haul.
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    Depending on the openness of the yards I may stay away from a rider. Sometimes it takes longer to mow around a bunch of trees with the rider. Also some customers don't like the way the tracks from riders look. Maybe look into a Hydro with jungle wheels.

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    Not to disagree entirely, but the 48" deck will fit through MOST 4-foot single gates while the 52" almost NEVER fits through anything but double gates...

    Furthermore, if it's a Toro, the 48" is a fixed deck while the 52" is a float deck. The 48" weighs 300 lbs with a 5-speed tranny, and is far more spirited on the lawn than it's heavyweight 52" 4-speed 500 lb. behemoth counterpart. For Toros, the 48" outperforms the 52" all day long, it can literally run circles around the larger machine.

    That's one more thing: If you're buying a Wb, always get a TORO.
    Oh well, of course, with the 48" you will NEED a velke because you can not WALK a 6+ mph machine, forgot to mention...
    And, stop trying to save a few hundred bucks by compromising on brands and quality and accessories:
    Get the 48" TORO with a velke for 3,300 and be done with it. Yes, get the single-wheel velke, the double wheel will annoy you at high speed, it fishtails.

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