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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by landscapingdude, Jul 10, 2005.

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    whats up dudes, im new to the landscaping business (but i have experience working in it) and i would like to know if i charge $40.00 for a cut on a small house what does that include?is weeding,edging and trimming(Shrubs) include or do i charge extra for that? i hope someone can answer my question thanks
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    Here in virginia, 40 dollars covers a good size yard but the house can be big or small it does not matter. What I charge depends on the size of the actual yard plus what the customer wants, in addition to how long it will take me. As a rule 40 dollars covers most yards between 1/2 to 3/4 acre but it might cover a whole acre. It depends if the yard has hills, rocks, roots, and how MUCH of it is grass. An estimate is exactly that: An educated GUESS based on previous experience with a similar yard as to how long I THINK it will take.

    My rate is hourly and is machine-time ONLY, meaning the clock ticks only when the machines are physically working on the yard (yes, sometimes when a customer likes to constantly interrupt, that is included as well but so long they leave me to my own devices, no problem).

    Far as what is included? Again, it depends but for a bare basics it's Cut, trim, blowdown and Round-up for weeds along walkways and driveways (and in the gravel and flower / mulch beds). For some people I have crabgrass treatment, it all depends, really, how picky they are. Far as edging, that's a tool I only bring with me when I'm doing mulch, I edge/trim with the weed-eater. The pickier they are or the more of a pita they want to be, the higher the estimated price... The cooler they are, the lower the price.


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