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a questioon about south carolina


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my friend will be moving to south carolina and i wanted to find out how the lawncare business is down there. When does the season start and how difficult is the market. Do you thingk that he will have a hard time picking up work say with a local paper or a val pack? He will be first time in the business and i want to start him out with the equipment and i want to make sure he has a good chance at making new customers. all the help is aprreciated. <br>


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South East
bdemir, the season starts early march. Lastest being march 15 until about November 15. The the leaf season starts and runs til january 10. The upstate area is very drought prone blocked off in a large area by the mountains. The area is saturated with lawn service companies. It would take someone new awhile to get established. i am not trying to discourage anyone. Just these are the facts. Not only is sc drought prone. Temperatures can range around 100 degrees and the humidity over 90 percent for long periods of time. Thats why this state was so good for growing cotton. You really have to take off work sometimes between the hours of 2 and 4 because of the risk of heat stroke. I can't afford to take off myself. But just like any other place you just have to go after it and do a good job. Anymore questions just let me know. Oh ya, most of your customer will middle class to upper retired northerners.