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A quick quick 36 question

JD Mowers and Lawn Care

LawnSite Member
So I have had my eye on the mower for 1-2 moths now. I know there are tons of threads on it and have read lots of em. I hevent found anything about this though. How does it do mowing 90 degree corners with fneces on both sides. I have lots of accounts out here that have them and wondering if I would still need to use a small push mower for the corners? (I do trim along the fence and a little around each corner) Thanks in advance.


LawnSite Senior Member
like all walk behinds there is going to be a limit to how much of a inside square corner you can get. Because it's short front to back it's going to leave less un-mowed than most other walk behinds but you just clean that up with your string trimmer since you'll be on the fence with that anyway.



LawnSite Member
the shorter wheelbase should get in there better than other wb. It will get enough that you can trim it up with your trimmer though.

Andy Meadows


LawnSite Bronze Member
You can get real close ...but you will need to finish it off with the trimmer.

WJW Lawn

LawnSite Bronze Member
Yea like the other guys said...you'll need a trimmer...but not as much trimmer as you would need with other brands. The Quick is compact, but packs a big boy punch! Good luck to you....you wont regret your purchase!