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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by AWJ Services, Jun 3, 2010.

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    ive always liked caterpillar equipment, they brought me out a 304 to demo, left it with me for 2 weeks and said run it "in the real world", DEERE wouldnt do a demo, they would do 5% off of a rental, Komatsu, dont even want to talk about them, couldnt even get a phone call back, so one day i stopped in and met a salesman told him i had cash and was ready to make a purchase, well they didnt even have any pc55's and he was going to try to get me at least a price, never heard from him. kubota, ahhhhhh im just a little against them, not there machines so much, more so the dealers.... so, to be completely honest, caterpillar did more for me, didnt even compare any prices, whether it costed me a few thousand more or not, im not worried about it at... my cat guy calls me when hes in my area to go eat lunch, when i need something he rushes to get me an answer/machine... i needed a mulcher, they just got a new 308d with a FAE mulching head and they gave it to me for a much cheaper price than what there rental prices were on it, less than 50% to give some feedback...... so to be honest, CAT was the best choice to me, and im happy with my decisions. now, about the skid steer and excavator on septic installs..... i dont always use them both, but i can cover up a lot faster with the skid.... and cleaner.
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    I am not just a Septic Installer. When I leave the jobsite I want it no be nice and tidy. I move plants, fences, replace the irrigation I damage, etc so i need a loader. Sure I can do it with the excavator but it takes 2 to 3 times longer so why not bring the skid.

    2010-06-25 10.07.20.jpg
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    Spreading hay, yuck. Do you have a blower or is it all by hand?
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    Time for me to be a JLJA...(jack legged, jack a**).

    Normally I'd say those long straws are a sure sign of hand work, however, it sure looks like that guy waaay back in the picture is holding about a 1/5 of a bale in his hands.:hammerhead: He could be on a "patch" job, that stuff back there is more mounded. Our blower cuts the straw to about half the length shown in the picture.

    BTW-nice work Zane on the over the wall job, us TAK guys will always be.....well you know.:rolleyes:
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    We use to do the hay thing, nothing more helpless to see most of a days work go rolling away from an out of no where breeze. Although the hydroseeding is not without it's bug-a-boos.

    Yeah you TK(CTL) guys are 'different'.:)
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    By Hand.

    This is just to help with erosion till the trenches settle and then time for final landscape.
    I am probably the only installer here who does this included in my price.

    What I come to realize is my help ends up standing around some while we are finishing up the job so for the price of seed and hay it basically takes no extra labor to do it.
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    It is a relatively cheap, cost effective touch that shows you go the extra mile. I do the same thing. Unless you are blowing a bazillion bales, throwing a couple of bales by hand is nothing.
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    My Latest Job.

    Half of the drainfield was in fractured rock that was tough to dig.
    1000 ft of fun. Had to stockpile all of the soil as you can.


  9. Junior M

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    woah! Explain that whole job to me?

    Nevermind, I see it now. The way the picture was taken it makes the illusion you stepped the entire site down.. But its really just the edge of the trench. :hammerhead: sorry!
  10. AWJ Services

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    8 125 long trenches.
    They will be dosed from a dist box equally.

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