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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by BMXUnc, Jul 5, 2004.

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    Being a newbie, please forgive my ignorance. I just want to start a simple lawn mowing service. I'm thinking of $25 or $30 per lawn and just want to use, for example, a "standard" John Deere riding lawn mower. Nothing too fancy. Think I can make it work? I live in Minnesota where there are many lawn service companies, but I just want a small piece of the action. Being able to make a reasonable living through the summer months would be excellent. Oh, one other thing, what is a "common" thing that "lawn mowing people", as my nephew refers to them, do in the winter to make a decent living? Thanks so much in advance for all answers/comments/suggestions. I have been reading this site literally word for word! Thanks!!!
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    Price depends on the size of the account. Are you going to charge $30 dollars for a 5 acre account or 1/4 acre lot? Huge differance. Are you going to do this part-time or full time? If part-time, the the john deere might be fine for a few accounts, if you are going to do this for a living, then you need a commercial grade walk-behind at the minimum. As far as winter work, plowing snow would be the most common for anybody that gets any substatial snow fall.
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    Thanks for the reply, Gunner27. I hope to hear lots of different responses. I plan to start out part-time, but also plan to make it full-time and get bigger equipment. I just want to make it simple until I learn more tricks of the trade. I'm not looking to get filthy rich (although who wouldn't mind that?), but my goal is $2,000 per month. Does anyone know which companies (John Deere, Snapper, etc., etc.) are a little more "relaxed" about financing? My credit isn't exactly perfect, but it's not the worst, either. Again, I thank you for your time. (Oh, and I don't mind working my butt off as long as I'm working for ME!!!)
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    do you have insurance???
  5. BMXUnc

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    dcondon, thanks for your reply. No, not yet. I haven't started my business yet, either though. That is my next step. I plan to call my insurance guy within the next day or two. Hopefully, that won't be too devastating financially.

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