A real Tru Green bozo!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ron mexico75, Aug 12, 2009.

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    So some friends of mine in the neighborhood accepted my offer to renovate their existing lawn. Get rid of the crabgrass, weeds, aerate, spread compost/soil, seed. Anyways they had tru green spraying their lawn and were VERY disappointed. They had twice as much crabgrass after they started treating then before so they told them to stop coming.

    I went over on Saturday and sprayed a MSMA and 2,4-D mixture. Went back over and in less then 48 hours all the crabgrass was very visibly turning brown and they were just amazed and happy.

    Well I was over there last night talking to them inside when the doorbell rings. One of them goes to the door and guess who?...................Mr tru green door to door sales man. He's wanting to know why they canceled and that he was coming back to say he could help them get that nice thick green lawn they've always wanted. My friend was like, you guys sprayed this lawn 4 times and nothing happened but more crabgrass. She said we had our friend spray 2 days ago 1 time and look at how almost all the crabgrass is dead.

    This bozo goes on to say, well, I don't know what he put down but you have to be very gentle with nature and it takes AT LEAST 10-12 applications before you can see a difference!:laugh::laugh::laugh:. Oh my god, was that a taught response right out of his sales refusal rebuttal manual? The guy didn't know I was sitting within ear shot of him and I yelled, why don't you get your tree hugging, rip off ass outta here you pansy! I didn't really intend on saying that but I felt as though he was accusing me of dumping a 55 gallon drum of toxic waste on the lawn and leaving town.

    The guy left and about 2 minutes later came back again! Since small kids were around I bit my lip and stayed inside. I don't know what else he said or what was said to him but I just had to post that.

    I honestly have NEVER heard of friends or neighbors ever being satisfied with that company. It's always complaints. How are they still so big and in business? Maybe their commercial branch is what's carrying them.
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    They are so big because they market, door to door. People don't take any time to find a quality squirter, so they just sign up with Trubrown because its easy. If you do guerilla marketing in the same way, and people see a quality difference with you, watch out your business will explode.

    I don't agree with the cussing at Trugreen in front of a customer though. Everyone slips, but make sure to be more professional in the future.
  3. ^i agree, cut the bad language out.
  4. ron mexico75

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    whoa whoa whoa. I actually said why don't you get ouuta here you tree hugging pansy. I was thinking of what I thought I said when I was typing. Also, these people are friends that my wife and I hang out with so if ass did come out I wouldn't be frowned upon. Anyone else I wouldn't have even said anything to the guy.

    I was being egged on by one of them as he was talking, so.........
  5. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    No problem....
    Just trying to stick up for our industry's rep.
  6. these types of companys work on volume. I don't know what kind of knowledge/training there employees have, but i wouldnt trust them too much. im amazed that they are still in business.
  7. ron mexico75

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    Well, some of the reps I've seen look like straight hood rats.

    I also had a neighbor several years ago that worked for them. He had absolutely no knowledge at all. He was telling me how he just sprayed as many yards as he could in a day with "whatever" was in the truck tank. I remember him telling me too that one time a customer came out and was asking why a shrub was dying and was laughing as he was telling the story saying he told all customers the same thing. He said oh sir, that shrub is dying due to "root rot."

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    true green doesnt do anything for the lawns in our area either.
  9. Jimslawncareservice

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    alot of it has to do with advertising. Ask someone who hasn't used a chemical person before and doesn't know any lco's. ask them who they would call to spray/fert thier lawn. most likly they will say tru green. people who havent used thier service don't know any better, but they hear advertising on the radio, on tv, in the paper, in the mail, plus i am sure numerous other places. and theres always plenty of bone head people out there.

    I have a couple houses that use them, all new sod in the last few years. every year there is more and more weeds. i have told them next year when i get certified i can handle that as well. this year i have gotten a record amount of calls about spray and fert, all with complaints from 3 compponies, tru green being the only national chain.

    like i said above its all about being in a persons memory like brickman and those ugly brown trucks.
  10. ACA L&L

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    Tru greens lawn care division sold out to a faily large company here a year or so ago. They still have spray trucks out but not many. There are almost done here in our little big city of albuquerque NM. Very bad service. There brand new building they had built to house there 40 trucks just sits there idle. None goes in or out. Its a shame really. Its a landscapers dream property.

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