A recent job I did


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Arlington, WA
Looks nice. Way to throw Jim's favorite tree in there KenH. lol


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Beaverton, OR
either change stones to gray slate or your cousin should paint his house.
I don't know. I've done WAY too many jobs with the usual gray flagstone. It just ends up blending in. It doesn't stand out at all. I don't think there is a clash at all. I think it compliments the color of the house very well. And it stands out as a focal point.

This isn't the best after picture. There are more plants there. Also, many of the perennials we installed aren't even up yet or aren't in bloom. You can barely even see the Japanese Laceleaf Maple near the hose - which will be a huge focal point. There is a neat spiral topiary arborvitae just outside of the picture, and we also installed a neat keystone retaining wall below and gravel parking area by the street.

I'll get some better before and afters later when everything is more mature an in bloom or leafed out. But I just thought the transformation was neat. From a boring, colorless landscape and lawn with no interest - to a colorful and bright landscape with 3 major tree focal points, a neat pathway, and a lawn that has all sorts of appeal now.

It was a lot of fun. Since we did it all on 2 days on a weekend (and I NEVER work weekends) it was nice to see everyone on his block stop and compliment us as the job got near completion. I could have got 2 more jobs on his block if I wanted to work in Seattle.