A Short Message for Shindaiwa

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by outpowspo, Mar 28, 2013.

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    I recently emailed Shindaiwa in regards to their so called "New Products". If you like Shindaiwa, then maybe you will like this.

    "I have been a big fan of Shindaiwa products for a long time. The Shindaiwa name to me has always be synonymous with dependability. I went to your website today and was shocked! The new "products" that you are listing are nothing more than red Echo products. Shindaiwa has always demanded a little more money from my pocket but the quality of the power equipment was far above others. I want Shindaiwa! If I wanted an Echo product, I would buy Echo. I'm sure this is a sure sign of what is coming in the future. Instead of spending money on product development, you can take a Echo SRM-225, (Made in China)make it red and put on a new handle. Now it's a Shindaiwa? All in the name of margins. It makes me sick. Things like Chrome plated cylinders, forged connecting rods and two ring pistons will be a thing of the past. The Japanese design that I love will be gone. I currently own a Shindaiwa T270 and will rebuild it if I have to. What I won't do is buy a red Echo. Thank you for your time."

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