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  1. Jake99

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    Gotto wallyworld and git Ipod Touch. Gotto www.gadgettrak.com and download free software to it that makes it act like lojack. No monthly fine like a gps tracker !!!! Leave it with yo stuff for their amusement. They turn it on and dat's their arse right thar. Pretty smart...........yes??

    gadget track email information.jpg
  2. ken gustafson

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    Mr. Jake,
    Would you send me a private message about this setup. Or you can get me by ken@gushill.com
    Need to know more....BILLIONS of dollars worth of trailers stolen each year. I cannot find just where these are all happening....in 1999 it was "only" 5 billion dollars and the last figure I read it was now up to 45 billion dollars. So it is not slowing up even a little....and .... it is only a problem when the trailer ends up "missing". Your post shows there may be a way of slowing this stuff down.....so I need to know more....can you help? Ken
  3. Jake99

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    Some help would be nice.
  4. nlminc

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    Thanks! great info.

    You could always live the ipod on while you're not with the equipment like over night...those batteries last forever!
  5. Jake99

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    You leave the ipod OFF. When they push the ON button and it connects with the internet, they are made. The system will send you a map and e-mail. Cheapo way to catch up with the thief. No charges for monthly use. Just buy the ipod, set up your account, test it, turn it off, and report it stolen. The next one to turn it on is made. Might take you to your stuff. Must find out quick after it goes missing. Put new ipod back in new box. They think it brand new and never been messed with. It's smart. Don't tell em what you did. Just git em!@!!!! This will be a tip on my new theft website coming soon.

  6. YellowDogSVC

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    Ken, I know 3 people personally that have had trailer stolen. I have had a customer lose a Bobcat from behind his locked gates and the list goes on. I was nearly robbed back in November while on a job site. My air compressor, about 200 lbs. was cable locked to my flatbed. In just an hour's time away from my truck, someone tried to cut my cable lock and take the compressor. They went through my tools, too, as I had left my toolbox unlocked (I was on rural private property off the road) but I don't think they took anything valuable. They didn't make it through the cable but if they had worked another few minutes, they would have walked off iwth a $700 compressor and tools. It's expensive to lojack everything.. but it would be nice to develop something cheaper to fight back.
  7. Jake99

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    They need to make the trackers so that you don't need a computer to use it or buy it. Just call a number and register it. You call a number to ax where it is. Dat simple. It needs to look like something it is not. Something a thief would want to take home and keep. Perhaps a box widda garcia 5500C in it or a nice lunch box. That is if you can't hide it on the asset. You can of course hide it ina Ipod as software that the user can't see. I think in a few more years, we will see the stealing industry having to be much more smarter to be profitable. Mad people like me want pay back and will get it one way or another. I'm working ona way to put all these thefts ona map where you see where things go awol at www.mefinditmaps.com --jake
  8. topsites

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    The part I don't like is the software you just claimed to be free really isn't...

    And the entire affair's going to run well over $200 however the real problem is had you just
    been upfront and told me the cost I might have seen it as a necessary evil, instead now I'm
    wondering what else is in store.
    Like, wtf is Windows Flickr?

    Sorry pal, right there we're done.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2010
  9. topsites

    topsites LawnSite Fanatic
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    Oh, one more thing...

    Visiting that POS web site of yours apparently gave my computer some kind of a "new program"
    Which is now foisting an installation of Symantec security upon me.
    I am sure if I contacted Norton over this they would not be pleased, seeing how I'm pretty pissed off.

    Good thing it's giving me an option out and Norton is allowing me to give Feedback on the reason why
    I decided not to install their program, I'd say it's a fair bet that you can forget your commission.

    So tell me, what else is on my computer, what other hidden gifts did you slip in there?

    Damn script kid, that is serious bull.
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  10. Jake99

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    My son just put the free software on his ipod. It is free. We also paid for the software to put on his new HP computer. That website is a POS. The new website is costing me about 5 or 6 thousand dollars. It is NOT online yet. I don't run any kind of virus crap and not going to. If the computer gets sick, we just just clear the hard drive and start over. It can reloaded in a few hours and don't have to put up with virus protection problems. Walmart had the ipod touch for 150 dinaros but may be back up to 200 now. It would be worth 200 dollars too get back 18,000 dollar load of lawn mowers. You don't have to take any advice from anybody especially me. I obviously ain't too bright or I would still have my trailer.


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