A Sorry LCO IN Cabarrus County NC

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by robmorris, Nov 3, 2007.

  1. robmorris

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    Well I'm riding back in one of my fields today, checking after they were just planted. I lease my property out to a local farmer, and when I get to the field (off Highway 29 and Pitts School Road). I am being specific about the location because, some SORRY SOB dumped about twenty bags of lawn clippings in my field. The farmer planted around the litter, so not much planting area was lost. Its just the fact that they drove over another field to get to this one, trying not to get caught.The dump was only a mile down the road. Well please feel free to come back again, as I am deciding what I'm going to do to catch this Vermin. ANY IDEAS will be appreciated as I am mad as HE!!.
    Please come back again you sorry piece of CRAP!
    All ideas are appreciated.

  2. lawnspecialties

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    Rob, that must be the same zero that got me last year.

    I had just completed one of my commercial properties yearly "remulching". It takes about 15 yards of triple-shredded and always looks beautiful when I finish. The next week I returned, someone had gone to this property with their "leftover" mulch from the county yard waste facility down the road. Not only is this mulch absolutely trashy, but it also had some of the leftover pansies this zero had pulled out of his own garden and thrown into the leftover mulch. I was livid. I imagine this loser thought "what the heck, it's all mulch" but it was such a noticeable difference, I saw it as soon as I pulled into the property.:angry:
  3. topsites

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    I forget the exact definition or the term of this violation, but it's littering, might be trespassing as well but mostly littering.

    Don't know what you can do to catch such sob's other than keep an eye out.
    Maybe if it happens again you can research the sob's truck treads, once you've studied the vehicle's approach you then dig a nasty hole with your backhoe somewhere along the way and cover it up loosely :laugh:
    Or just keep an eye out, tell a couple of friends, family, co-workers as well, that helps also.
  4. Leaf Jockey

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    Maybe a scouting camera like the hunters use. You secure it to a tree and movement sets it off.

  5. robmorris

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    Yes, I am definitely looking at some sort of surveillance equipment. Where would be the best place to find something like this?

  6. IA_James

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    Tractor Supply, Cabelas, hunting stores in general carry that kind of stuff. Sounds like you'll proably want to chain it to the tree to keep the SOB from stealing it though.
  7. jlbf0786

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    This may be a possible solution:
    - Since they were TRESPASSING onto your leased property, you could call the game warden in Cabarrus county. He WILL come out there and set up a camera that will do all the work for you!!!
    Then, "if/when" the person comes back out there to dump out their debris... he'll be done for! - And trust me, they will be prosecuted!

    -- My dad just had a similar issue down in Norwood NC, in Stanly county!
    Some jerk was trespassing onto our land and putting out corn piles to hunt this year, had up a tree-stand and all!
    So the game warden came out w/ a cam. of some sorts, puts it out.. about 2 days later he got caught red handed!

    Atleast worth a try, if nothing else.. they'll tell you exactly what you should do!

    -- Hope it helps,

    j. barringer
    Sunrise Designs landscaping & lawn care
    Charlotte NC.
  8. smcunningham

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    You can get a trail cam that is pretty clear in detail up to 60 yards, they have really good ones that will email the pics to you but their real $$$$$
  9. robmorris

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    any other ideas?


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