A start to a new beginning


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Hey guys, this is my first year in business. I am just wondering how do you guys go about getting your service agreements signed? Would you guys offer the same rate as their previous lawn care provider just to get into the door even it is low balling yourself? My uncles are friends with a couple of people who own hotels so I did manage to pull those accounts. But im kind of curious to get some ideas of the best way to go about bidding on other commercial accounts and getting residential accounts as well. Any information is greatly appreciated, as always, thanks!


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It's a PITA but when I was starting out I went door to door. This allows me to keep my work in the areas I already am, pick the type of yard I want to do, and meet the customer face to face to determine what they are like and if I want a long term relationship with them. IMO this is huge. I don't necessarily do contracts with my residential unless they have the desire to have one. Commercial it's pretty much a given.

I might match or come in slightly low if it's a property I really want with the plan of raising it in the next two years, but normally I just bid what I need to charge for the correct profit margin, regardless of the what the previous LCO charged.

Since I've been in business a while, I have a pretty nice clientele set up. 95% of any new clients are by word of mouth or due to the wow factor they see from my labors.


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I really do appreciate the input! My brother and I are in the process of getting our flyers made right now, and do plan on going door to door. God blessed us with knowing a lot of people in our community so i think word of mouth will help us as well. It's exciting but stressful im not going to lie, im ready to get out there already lol