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A Story for the Parts Swappers and Valve Changers

Was at a home yesterday...I had to use the 521 to locate this manifold......once located.....I was disappointed to find 3/4 lawn genie 205 lookalike valves......olive green. I have diaphragms, but no bonnets on my truck and Murphy has been bad to me thus far this week.


The first picture is of the area in question.....retaining wall built 15 years ago with large native boulders.....

2nd picture is of the valve box.....for perspective.

2 zones not coming on with the timer.....bad diaphragms....

Change out diaphragms...after letting water drain for what seemed like hours...thank you Mr. Suck Tube for allowing me to do this ;)

One of the zones now sticks on...oh did I mention the water could only be turned off/on in the basement of the McMansion...and the guy didn't want me inside? Trudge to the house to tell him to turn water off again...sigh.

Pull the valve apart...no apparent mistakes made by me....wait a second..the nylon washer/seat under the solenoid is gone! Wonder how long that has been like that? Remember I said I had no bonnetts yes?

I did however have an old.....very old 623 actuator valve made by Richdel....guess what, that washer/seat fits.......and that fixed the problem.

My point:

On another site there is always arguments over whether it is better for the client to just replace the valve...cheaper in the long run?

In this case it would have taken hours to excavate this box.....I got out of there with a bit of thinking in under 1 hour..including the 521 work......

Will it fail again? Perhaps.....but he knows it is a problem...and as long as the body doesn't crack..it can be fixed cheaper than replaced.



The other picture is my view yesterday from home of Pikes Peak...

howell 003.jpg

howell 002.jpg



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Anytime we swap out parts, there is a risk of it not working properly and needing to come back. But usually the risk is worth it, and we make better time in the long run by doing it.

Case in point: my tech Tom had a partial manifold rebuild last week. Just the PVC, not the valves. All worked fine afterwards. # days later got a call saying a valve was seeping. Tom went back and replaced the bonnet, solenoid, and diaphragm. Got another call saying it is still seeping but not as bad. So he is going back today to do a full valve swap out. BUT, this one incident is minuscule in the the long run. We've done plenty of replacements of diaphragms and solenoids without ever going back.


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monument co
May 23 and it's snowing. View from Monument, Kingsdeer neighborhood looking towards Pikes Peak and Mount Herman. Can't see a damn thing.

Friggin weather.

Resize of IMG_0303.JPG


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monument co
We were crushed by the last storm, lost many many pine branches. School ended today and the kids want to know when summer will begin, for real.