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    Hey guys! I`ve been on LS for a while now just looking around, gaining knowledge just like everyone else. Had a company for a while now, been working at it with my dad and I will be running everything in the upcoming season. He`s an engineer and his fair share work cut out for him. Im starting my Landscape Design course in about a week and hopefully that helps a lot with the business side of things, as well as the work aspect. Here`s a few shots of what we`ve been up to in the last little while. Any questions you have, feel free to ask.








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    The trucks, We`ve got a 2008 Dodge Ram 2500 Heavy Duty, unfortunately it has the 5.7 and not the cummins. The trailer is 14x7, and the single axle trailer is a 12x6. The Tacoma is my personal truck but gets used here and there for small work, its the 3.4 5 speed. TRD package with rear diff lock. The idff lock is also overriden from stock specs so that, instead of being used only in 4lo, it can be used in high, and also in 2wd. Its fun in the rain :) The tacoma gets used to carry blowers in the winter also.


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    We have fun too, the trucks do get to haul the quads every now and again. The Grizzly is a 2006 660, unforunately we just sold it. The other Arctic Cat is an 2007 500. And the Grizzly did get used for work on our property which is 9 acres and another 12 acre we maintain (the picture with the trailer on it). Mainly for hauling brush, or using the trailer for scrap sod after edging.







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    We`ve got a bit of a story on the Bobcat too. The 2011 is brand new, a couple hours on it so far, set up with an 8 foot Kage system. We had a 2008 S 185, but it was a single speed that we bought used with an equipment trailer. We needed the two speed for plowing and it made sense to get something new. So the S185 was sold for what we paid for it WITH trailer, and we got the trailer for free basically. Then we sold that too and got the dump trailer, which I have no pictures of. So we ended making some money in the end and got the new skid, which is budgeted basically only for snow. Although it will be on duty when maintenance and installs start.

    The little Ramrod Taskmaster was bought off a friend who has cancer, and its been handy. I stripped and repainted it as you see in the picture. I wanted it to match its big brother and I hate having junky looking equipment. Its an 18hp Briggs and Stratton engine I believe.

    Sorry for going nuts with the pictures! I just got my blackberry fixed and ready to post pictures so I figured most of you lazy guys are off for the season anyway.

    S185 lifting trailer.jpg



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    Here are some randoms. Some stripes and properties we maintain. I saw the old GMC dump a few days ago. And the walk behind, Toro Commercial mower, Bannerman aerator and Billy Goat blower.







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    very nice setup. definitly have all the tools to "Go big or go Home"
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    Thanks Krazy, the garage is starting to get a little cramped I just noticed... I really like up to your work KK, and I was hoping you would consider a deal I have. Now I know you live far away but please consider it. A straight up trade for your 3500, and my 2500.......
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    Welcome to lawnsite! So how did you bring all the equipment that you have now all together? Did you buy new or used?

    Best of luck to you this year as well!
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    Well a lot of the stuff is bought new from the states, and we've slowly acquired things as we go I guess. Started with a 2004 Dodge 2500 cummins and that blue 12x6 trailer. Bought a new eXmark, and Toro Recycler and some used handhelds. My dad landed a few commercial accounts and now we have 8 along with a few residentials that are bigger in size. The Red Hawk Hydro WB was purchased new but got a wicked deal. So basically the mowers were new but we did save money shopping in the states.

    We bought out a local company which had 25 accounts just recently. Some equipment came with the purchase of the company like the blower, aerator and Scag, as well as the 14x7 landscape trailer.

    The S185 was bought to flip and the S205 is new. The trucks are used personally so they were needed regardless, they're signed under the business insurance though. And now everything is jammed all together at home, and waiting to be used. I'm 18 by the way and have been doing all the work for this past season while my dad takes care of the business side of things. We own the company half and half, before any disputes arise. So we've built the company together, and enjoy working together. Afte finishing my Landscaping course I will be ready to take it on on my own and I really look forward to that. Living at home is a huge bonus for sure.
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    The 205 waiting to play in the snow, and a JD/Horst and Cat 216 I saw today. They aren't ours but I love equipment!



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