A Tactical Turn to Green for Marriott

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by ICT Bill, Apr 8, 2008.

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    A Tactical Turn to Green for Marriott

    Marriott International announced a broad strategy yesterday to reduce its impact on the environment, pledging $2 million to protect the Brazilian rain forest and promising that by the end of the year its guests will be able to offset greenhouse gas emissions from their hotel stays.

    This is beneath the fold front page of the Washington Post

    If you go to Marriotts website they discuss the organic landscaping and lawn care, this particular article did not.

    If your company performs commercial work and you are not talking to these multinational companies you are losing easy business. The story is just too good for these companies not to be involved.

    I have one customer in the northeast that has pulled in $650,000.00 in NEW business so far this year from companies exactly like this, everyone else is crying and the organic guys are pulling it in

    Alcoa, Marriott, Walmart, Bank of America, Starbucks, Toyota, McDonalds, Burger King, School Districts, Sports Turf, etc
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    you just hit the nail on the head!
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    thanks for the leads!!!
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    I wish I could be more specific with contact information

    As the national accounts contact us I will keep a record and continue to post who wants the service, in general

    Sports turf by far is single biggest incoming contact for us, every mother in America is trying to make sure their children are safe. They all would love to have a sign as you come in from the parking lot

    "This ball field is maintained organically, there are no pesticides used"

    What about amusement parks? I hear there is a park near Harrisburg PA that is making a big anouncement, there are several professional ball teams that are doing the same

    Not only is it a great marketing initiative but it makes sense AND you can now buy a good to great quality bag of organic based fert cheaper than than the synthetic

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