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    A) do i need a license to use liquid fertilizer?
    B) how much is a solution of fertilizer (weed and feed) a gallon?
    C) what is the best size tank to buy?
    D) is a hose or a walk behind aplication best?
    E) what kind of mark up do you put on the fetilizer?
    F) how much does a gallon of fertilizer weight?
    G) what kind of saftey protection should i have?
    H) can it be wet or dry?
    I) can it be windy or does it matter?
    J) how many times a season should it be done?
    K) how does a person not burn the grass?
    L) how much solution per square feet should i use?
    M) what fertilizer is better dry or wet?
    N) where do you purchase said fertilizer?
    O) what should i look to spend per gallon or pound?
    P) do you have to buy a certain amount such as gallons or pounds?
    Q) what times of the season should it be done?
    R) are there harmful effects from the chemical on me?
    S) how long before people can go back on the grass after spraying?
    T) is spraying for bugs a entirely different set of rules or laws?
    U) what kind of investment is a small sraying outfit cost?
    V) Do you lawnstudent spray?
    W) do you charge buy the square foot or do you charge buy how much liquid you use?

    X)since im all out of questions for now im going to quit.
    not to be cocky but if any if not all of the questions you can answer or have an opion on i would much apresheate a response.
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    your states dept of environmental protect or dept of agriculture

    your county extension service

    your local equipment dealers

    your local fert and chem suppliers

    your state green industry associations
  3. lawnstudent

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    a) State of Il. does not require license to apply fert - liquid or dry. You must post the site after app. just as you do with pesticide app. Your state rules may be different.

    b) By solution do you mean fert concentrate cost per gallon or diluted solution (ready for app) cost per gallon?

    c) How big are your yards? How many yards do you want to spray before you must return to refill? What materials are you planning on spraying? Do you intend to spray one mix? Or are you planning are carrying multiple mixes your sites?

    d) Personal choice. Hose will allow you to carry more product without refilling. Refilling takes time. Time is money.

    e) This is based on your cost overheads and local market conditions. I can get $4.00 per M for simple weed & feed . Fert only would be less. Fert & PGRs a little more.

    f) Water weight is 8 lbs. per gallon. Fert solution may be slightly heavier.

    g) When spraying? When filling & mixing? Fert only? Weed & Feed? Spraying - rubber boots, long pants, long sleeved shirt. If spraying weed and feed use rubber gloves also. Mixing/filling - rubber apron, eye protection (full face shield). Good ventalation/resperator for pesticides.

    h) Fert can be wet or dry. Pesticides usually work better if wet.

    i) States regulate pesticide apps in wind. Wind speed must be recorded at time of app. You assume liability for mist cloud that wanders off site and damages off target areas. Fert. app. by TGCL is a drench - less chance of mist and wander.

    j) Liq. fert. app rate can be no different than dry. Depends on product you use (liq. slow release?).

    k) Burn is from salts in fert. Use low salt index ferts.

    l) Depends on product. Usually driven by lbs. of N per app. per M.

    m) I think dry is better than wet. But wet has its application.

    n) FS, LESCO or local supply house.

    o) $s vary based on quality/quantity and contents. Bulk fert can be really cheap. Are you set up to buy bulk?

    p) Liq fert apps can be bought in 55 gal drums or 25 lb. bags of WS powder.

    q) Same as you would with dry.

    r) Depends on what you spray. Risks are low with proper app and clothing.

    s) When dry.

    t) Spraying for bugs is insecticide app and requires license in Il.

    u) Small Back pack sprayer can be a very small investment. 50 gal. gas powered sprayer with 100' of hose is much more. Do you already own the platform (truck) for the sprayer? You can get started for a couple of grand for a nice set-up.

    v) I am not licensed in Il. I do dry fert. but have priced spray units. Plan to add pesticides spraying next spring. I don't think that spray of fert. only is viable business. You need to add pesticides to make this profitable and attract sales. What advantage do you think a sprayed fert app. has? How are you going to sell this then to your cust? Fert alone competes with HO purchasing Scotts and doing own app. You add no real value.

    w) I charge by 1,000 sq. ft. with a minimum fee.

    x-z) Whew! Good luck.

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    i've never even heard of a dry fert only program? them pesky weeds in the lawn are to difficult to keep out and yes you do need a liscense to spread fert for $,if yer joe smoe home owner you don't though. i'd contact yer county ag dept,ask them most of your questions.attend some trade shows in your area,open houses at suppliers,and nurseries.get some magazines,lawn and landscape,and grounds maintenance is another.they're really informative on not only business but equipment too.as far as business goes though you need very good insurance policy,but i'm assuming you already carry some form of insurance,right? lets hope so cause you need a policy to get a liscense. my oppinion on prices is a 30 to 35 dollar stop fee depending on the area. and $3.50 for every 1000 sq. after 5000 for the stop fee. meaning if the yard is 5000 sq ft i'd charge 30 to 35 dollars and if it is 10,000 sq ft i'd charge around 45 to 50 bucks.around nothern il thats the goin rate. as far as program goes,sometimes the cheapest method is not the best.i run granular fetilizer,and liquid weed control.spray out of 200 gallon spray tank forom lesco.cost around 2000 dollars.better have atleast 3/4 ton to 1 ton pick up so you can carry bags of fert and push spreader,and full tank of spray and yer off to make money.good luck! :angel:
  5. I will make this simple and not to sound like a smart asss we will start with the letter "A" and stop there.

    Contact your local dept of ag, after you have become certified and licensed then we can start on "B-Z"

    get rich

    Lesco 200gal skid sells for more than $2000!!! Closer to $3000 but they do have some speacials on them.

    BTW a dry fert only program is ganular ferts and however you want to appy the herb. I use granular fert and spray all the rest minus the pre-em on the fert in the spring.
  6. lawnstudent

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    get rich,

    the state of Il. does not yet require a license to spread fert for $. They have considered such an option and may very well do so in the future. Only pesticide app requires a license. Weed & feed is a pesticide app. Feed is not. Good luck.

  7. get rich

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    around here if you spend quite a bit of dough in their store they lower their price alittle bit.but no i wasn't including taxes either.so yeah maybe closer to $2,500. when your buying 8- to 10 tons of fert per round and five rounds of fert, with a sixth round on some places,plus funjicide,insecticed here and there,and machinery there each year they tend to give you alittle break on things. my oppinion on the business end of it would be find one store and stick with them on all your buying,then you have a little leverage with them on prices,and you only get one invoice as opposed to get all kinds of invoices from here and there. i prefer lesco,because they have good credit program and good products at better than most prices. i just don't prefer their machines. the engines are good(can't go wrong with kawasaki or honda) but machines are tanks. my oppinion on a dry program is that weed and feed is pretty hit and miss, plus need to wet the grass before you apply?whats up with that? i wanna keep my feet as dry as possible :D j/k i just think liquid weed killer is always best. see it. spray it. its that simple. i can be simple but some make it difficult. take it slow and easy,good luck:angel:
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    lawnstudent. When you start applying pesticides, will you build your own rinsate pad or use someone elses?

  9. Good thing we don't have to have one here yet Mark!!!!
  10. lawnstudent

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    Now you've hit on the big problem in this state with pesticide apps! Most local LCO's I've run across in this area stick to weed and feeds because of this issue. I've been looking at property and my options. Any suggestions? Did you build your own? That was the route I assumed I would have to pursue. I have not met anyone that would allow me to use their station. It's a good idea for someone starting out for a year or two. I've tried to sell fert this year without the pesticides and failed. Everyone wants pre-m's and broadleaf apps.


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