A true commercial mower?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by cypresslawncare, Oct 28, 2004.

  1. cypresslawncare

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    I've been looking for a 21" commercial mower to use next year. I come across a lot of mowers that say commercial, but to me they look like...well, crappy. For example, all of the lawnboys say commercial but look really cheesy. My question is, how can I tell a true commercial mower from a psuedo commercial mower? Also, is there a difference in the snapper kawasaki 21" engine, and the cub cadet kawasaki 21"? Thanks
  2. Wreak

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    Toro, Honda, Snapper....something with a honda engine to be exact. I heard that the Lawnboys were high in price to repair but I'm not 100% sure about that.

    The new Ariens 21" look nice. I saw them at the Gravely dealer and wanted one but until my non commercial 21" Honda dies then I'll stick with that...it's quiet, has plenty of power to pull me around, and always starts on the first pull and this thing is an HR215HXA (Master Series) and I love it.
  3. cypresslawncare

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    answers i need answers!!!!*walks away sobbing*
  4. dishboy

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    Honda GSV is the commercial grade engine.

    Hang onto your cash, Honda for 05 is bringing out a new commercial deck that is supposed to be good at mulching and a lighter machine.
  5. Lawnchoice

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    Here is some information on the new Honda's.

    Honda 05
  6. joeg2246

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    I have seen these mowers but are not sure why they are used. I have a 36" mower that will do most backyards with a fence that has a standard gate. What do you use the small mower for?
  7. superbee

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    When I started this summer I used a push mower. I bought a 36 inch Exmark and can get in most backyards. I rarely take my push mower off the trailer anymore. I'm a lot less tired at the end of the day and happier. I've decided I won't take on a lawn if I can't get my Exmark at the whole lawn. To me, It doesn't make sense to be paying for a commercial mower and then let it sit on the trailer because I have to use a push mower. Just my opinion.
  8. lottlawncare

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    i just use good oldfashioned grass clippers. Sure it takes a couple of hours, but they only cost about five bucks!
  9. superbee

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    Let's see, eight lawns a day for two hours each lawn =16 hour days. I'm not sure I want to do that for six days a week, especially during the heavy growing season. Say we get an average of $30.00 per lawn. Our hourly rate would be $15.00. With gas approaching $2.00/gallon, I may as well be working at McDonalds.
  10. cypresslawncare

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    I'm not sure bee, but I think he was joking

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