a true koi pond

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by SOS Landscaping, Mar 9, 2008.

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    This is a true koi pond that I am currently building. Pond only will be roughly 10,800 gallons. It is 10x18x8. Filtration roughly 1000gallons extra which will include 2 4" aerated bottom drains each flow to their own settling chamber , these will then flow to 2 moving bed filters, which will then return via 5 returns in the bottom 2' of the pond. I have a remote skimmer that I use on formal ponds that will gravity flow to a nexus eazy pod then to a challenger 60 bead filter and then return via a sheer decent waterfall.2 3" midlevel drains will flow to pump then a custom made bakki shower/ trickle tower and will gravity flow to 5 upper level returns. Construction is concrete block walls, solid conrete floor and the liner system is polyurea.





  2. SOS Landscaping

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    heres some more of the polyurea being sprayed... with someone down there you can really get an idea of how deep that thing is




  3. SOS Landscaping

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    more pics to come.. i was doing the outside plumbing today, finished doing the electric on the filter pit and have to plumb up all the filters in the pit.... ill get some pics of how I made the moving bed filters and other things
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    sweet pond...
  5. Venturewest

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    Really neat project. The construction of real koi ponds blows me away. I have not caught the enthusiasm for koi. I am passionate about water features but the koi people are definitely in another league. I guess I will have to learn it eventually. Good luck with the project. I look forward to seeing the progress.
  6. SOS Landscaping

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    koi ponds are something that you learn along the way really and youre exactly right it is a whole different game from a water garden. biggest thing is let people know at the beginning what is needed if they plan on keeping fish especially koi. all too often i find a aquascapes style pond build completely wrong and loaded with fish. I guess it boils down to if you want to just make the sale or if you want to get a happy customer.
    Ill keep you guys updated on the project, if you guys are blown away with just the pond sheel wait til the plumbing pics and filtration pop up
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    Hey SOS
    Instead of buying a bunch of fittings, 45's, 22's, etc. go buy a weed torch at the hardware store and learn how to bend the pipe to fit.

    Its pretty easy but normally takes 2 people to do it, heat the pipe with a quick motion starting at one end and moving to the other, then turn the pipe abit and move back down the pipe. A 10 foot 2 inch pipe takes 2 to 3 minutes to heat up.

    You can tell when its done because it becomes like a limp noodle, you can do 90's but just not in a small area its more of a large sweep which is excellent for the overall performance

    Sometimes the ends flair out a little so have a coupler ready to put on the end so that the pipe stays nice and round at the end and just remove it when it cools. You probably have close to 2 minutes before it firms up again

    Believe me it is the only way to go, you can do almost the whole pond with just couplers

    Whay are you using for TPR's?
  8. Victor

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    Now that's what I call a real koi pond! Looking good! :clapping:
  9. SOS Landscaping

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    thanks for the advice, i have done the weed torch thing before but i usually leave it for underground plumbing because like you said its hard to get nice tight bends in small areas and in the filter pits with all the valves and what not i usually find it easier to just use the fittings. Ive only been fooling around with the weed torch here and there, if im on a job myself and have a lot of pipes to run ill just use fittings its much easier and quicker for me, but if I have a few people out helping ill use the torch. Really all depends on the situation cause i have not used it all that much so sometimes it takes more time and money to try and bend pipes, but when it works out in my favor i love it.

    TPRs i usually go with sugarloaf koi products www.nykoi.com, Matt is an awesome guy who has a hook up with a plastics guy and he makes all my bottom drains, mid level drains, tprs, that custom skimmer i am using and he is also making the trickle tower that the pond will have and he is also getting a sheer descent waterfall box made for me. Best thing is since he deals directly with the plastics guy you can get anything made to your own specs

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