A type of union for the Green industry?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by nobagger, Apr 10, 2005.

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    From what I hear, not only does the state of Illinois want to regulate the green industry but also construction companies too. Everytime a factory closes here, the first thing people do is get into the green industry or go into carpentry. Illinois government is seeing this as lost tax dollars cause alot of these guys don't pay taxes and some still collect unemployment benefits too. This sort of thing has to stop, level the playing field so we all play by the same rules.
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    I suppose you could get around it by calling them "price guidelines" but you'd still have a bunch of unlicensed hairballs out there doing it for less.

    Maybe the dozens or landscape industry associations already in existence could spend a little more time on how to get the illegal operator out of the industry. Now THAT would level the playing field.

    I use to belong to the Washington Association of Landscape Professionals. The monthly meetings consist of a cash bar, a poorly prepared meal and a speaker on some sort. The last speaker was a rep from Wells Fargo on how I could increase my business by selling landscaping services financed through his bank at a whopping 24% interest with an additional fee, paid by me, based on the total landscaping price. So not only would I need to sell my services but theirs as well. Additionally, not only were they NOT going to compensate me for selling their services but they were going to charge me for selling them. I sat there slack-jawed and stunned then rolled my eyes and politely walked out after the meeting. I've never gone to another meeting since. How does crap like this help me as a LCO?
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    Also, don't forget the gas stations do the same thing. We only have one station in our city that goes 2 cents lower per gallon and all the rest stay exactly the same price per gallon.
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    I see what you are saying but the guide is only for the amount of time it will take to perform the repair. This number merely serves as a multiplier for the shop rate.

    If you and I get together and you are charging $40 bucks per cut and I only charge $35 per cut but I realize I can make more money per cut so I raise my price to match yours, that's not price fixing. But if an industry as a whole gets together and says this is what we are going to charge and not one penny less, that's price fixing.
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    I also think there should be price fixing. My uncle owns a liquor store and the state tells him at what minimum he can sell products at. If he sells below that price he can get his license taken away. Also, other industries do it also as others stated.
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    DK, I was approached via phone from a co. offering MC. Visa etc. but it would cost me 6% per transaction, what a bunch of B/S. But getting back to the thread, There are far too many threads and posts about prices and I would say that 75% are legit concerns. Something needs to be done.

    If the lowballers only knew its going to hurt them shortly too.
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    Its not going to happen in the lawn industry, like i explained before, if there is some sort of price regulating then who is to say the customers will agree to the prices? Hell, they could all tell us to go F ourselves and go out and buy mowers and start doing it themselves.
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    Nobagger - I understand where you are going with this and I think we agree. The only difference is you threw the term "union" out there and that just freaks people out. I think by "union" you meant something more like an association and these already exist. My only point is that these associations (in the green industry anyhow ) don't really seem to serve any other purpose but an excuse to get liquored up, eat some bad food and have some industry rep show me how to use a chainsaw. Now, if the associations already in existence actually lobbied for regulation, that may serve a purpose but everybody in this business just seems to want government to leave them alone regardless if some regulation may help or not.

    Here in Washington, the building industry association is one of the largest and most powerful lobbying groups. If the building industry wants it, they usually get it. I understand that the green industry isn't anywhere as large as the building industry but why can't we have some representation as well?

    Hell, it's probably my fault. Maybe I should start my own association - THEN THINGS WOULD CHANGE!!! payup
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    DKIESLA said "That's called price fixing and it's illegal. The FTC would be all over you."

    WHAT IS IT CALLED FOR GAS STATIONS? Talk about "price fixing"! They ALL go UP and Down in PRICE the SAME AMOUNT at the SAME TIME, almost to the minute!! So if the GOVERNMENT isn't concerned enough to do anything about the MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR GASOLINE COMPANIES, why would they mess with some mom/pop & small business LCO'S???????

    Personally, I think it is HIGH TIME to get "ASSOCIATIONS" (not unions) together. Members pay a small fee to belong. Set "pricing guidelines" for their AREA. Maybe even "share" clients or set up "exclusive territories" like many businessess do. Should also be able to get members deals on equipment, etc. with "SELECT" dealers.

    Does the GOVT wants to waste alot of time monkeying with small operations? I don't think so. Hell, they couldn't even get anything done to MicroSoft when they went after them.

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    Well at least we would know where we stand. I would much rather try to please the "paying" customers (one's that would somewhat know the price) then haggle with a customer that had her neighbor's kid doing it for the last 2 years at $10.00 a shot. But I think there is an easy resolution, I think everone should have to be licensed in the application of treatments. This way if you go through this much hassle everyone will know your serious about this business and charge accordingly.

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