A type of union for the Green industry?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by nobagger, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. dvmcmrhp52

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    And when is the last time the Government knew when to STOP regulating?
  2. crawdad

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    If there's anyone in the whole wide world that I trust less than the gov and the mafia, it'd have to be the insurance companies. The mafia is looking better all the time. Out of the three, they would be the most trustworthy.
  3. nobagger

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    SunSwept, If you would have read all of the posts you would have seen that I didn't mean a "union" persay, but an association of some type. Further more a whole 46 posts and you come off as some type of authority figure. ;)
    Everone is entitled to their own opinions but to start throwing out names like "whiner" etc. I think is uncalled for! I think there should be some type of license or something that you would need to aquire before you mow any lawns period! Plumers, Electritions need a license, why not us? All I'm saying is if we needed that it would weed out, I think a lot of "fly-by-night" so called LCC's. I'm sure you or anybody would be ticked off if you loose a few bids to lowballers with no insurance, doesn't pay taxes etc. I would be too.
    I picked up a lawn this year that the homeowner said the guy stopped showing up in July. Well great for me this year but he was only charging $16.00 for a lawn that is at least 3/4 of an acre! It just ticks me off that I have to bid against people like this every day! I just think evey legit company would benefit from something like this.

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