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    Greetings from Grand Lake Okla!....I'm not sure what the industry standard is , or any current trends demographically , but It seems that our part of the world is relatively unchanged (monetarily speaking) for the owners of the estates that we cater to.I started our business 5 years ago after I had lost my job at Anheuser-Busch, due to an extensive rehabilitation after knee surgery.What a wonderful thing ! At first I took anything and everything, no matter how steep, or how rocky.It was nowhere but up for my newly established endeavor.After 5 years we have "cherry picked" our clients down to a select few(25) year-round.I work full time for Cobalt Boats as the Property Manager for the owners estate here on Grand Lake.So 25 private accounts is about my max for the hours before 8a.m. and after 5 p.m.Grand Lake is a destination lake, full of vacation homes, and week-enders.These customers look to the local pool of workers to manage their estates broad portfolio of needs while they(the owners),manage their professional livelihoods.Or maybe this is just my take on the situation.I have seen a lack in professional customized services and have geared my company to fill the void.The niche that I am referring to is the Property Manager/Concierge service category.We are a full service lawn care /Property /concierge service.Diversity, and continuous education has been the driving force of my company, and has made it what it is today.I am the only employee of the company(by choice).I felt that this route is the only one to ensure my name and longevity in this marketplace.I am a member of the Oklahoma Turf-grass Research Foundation, and am a certified(certifiable!)applicator.I find that all the off season training sessions and CEU workshops are extremely informative and are a great place to network with other professionals in the same field.In short, Anheuser-Busch gave me 8 great years of sales training and the ability to deal with clients on a professional level, but this industry is my sole source of professional self worth, and my families financial stability.What a GREAT!!! job! Out side all day making things grow! I'm not out for total saturation of northeast Okla, I just want to provide a high quality service at a competitive price,and in a timely fashion......all the while making life long friends in the people that I provide service to. I appreciate your time, and hope that all is well in your sector of the planet! See ya round tha pond! Dan Childers....Dan-o's Turf Management.
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    Great story Dan O, nice to have another Okie on board.
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    Feel the same way.

    I grew up on monkey Island. We have a place by port duncan (diamond point). Great story and I think you have a great Idea and it will work for you. I to have found a ninche and it is the going north (geographically, kansas and missouri). I travel 400-500 miles per week, some say I am crazy, but because the commercial account I have this with has properties spread out all over the place and they want one company to take care of all. Thus they pay VERY VERY well, and because of the traveling, no one else wants to do it. Great for mee. .

    Anyway I bet you probably know a good friend of mine who works for duck creek yacht sales, and works for me part time. Anyway good luck!:waving:

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    Hello, from Dan-o! Sorry for the non response! Regrettably, I have not had time to even get on the computer( except for monthly billing) Thanks for the reply to my story! Glad things are going wonderful for you as well! Good to know that there are friends out there. Who is your friend that works for Duck Creek Yacht Sales? Good to hear from you!

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