A Vanishing Water System vs. a Pondless system


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If you are thinking about putting in a pondless sytem you need to know that there is a far better way out there to build your falls,
The concept of pondless is good but the system is flawed because the rock pit reservoir will clog up over time and it is a very inefficient way of storing water. The Filtrific system is called Vanishing Water and it uses heavy-duty tanks stored outside of the water feature to filter and hold the water. The Filtrific filter tank filters out the debris using easily removable stainless steel filters so that the reservoir doesn’t plug up. The water storage tanks holds three times as much water as a gravel pit so the system requires less digging and less gravel. It really is unbelievable that the pondless method of installation was ever considered when you look at how much time and energy the construction industry puts into trying to keep drain fields from clogging up! With the Filtrific skimmer you can also have a pool of water that disappears when the pump is turned off. Try to do that with a pond less system.

Go to http://www.berkeysupply.com/vanishing-water-packages.html for a full explanation of the vanishing water system.


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