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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by chevyman1, Mar 29, 2004.

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    When distributing flyers, take your time. Instead of just blanketing as many as you can, take some time and ring the doorbell first...if they are home, I have been telling folks about myself, my start up company, and that I'm giving estimates on the spot if they are interested. I have only passed out 200 flyers this weekend, and landed 7 spring cleanups at $75/hr, and 5 lawns this summer. 12 out of 200? not bad right? I think people tend to think you are shady if they don't see you. I'll end up only passing out 1000 this year, and for the first full year on the books, I'll end up with 2 large commercial contracts, and probably 20-25 lawns plus spring cleanups....keep in mind, this is on the SIDE for me, and next year when I go into it full time, I hope that these small wins will translate to bigger things.

    be professional, be courteous, dress appropriately and it's amazing what a difference it makes. It helps me a lot that I'm a sales manager for a software company now, because that presentation translates over to the customers. good luck
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    Good idea, but personally, I don't think I could walk door to door and introduce myself. That takes a lot of courage and puts people on the spot. It sounds great, but I don't thinks its for everyone. Maybe I'll grow some, and attempt it in the future.
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    If you really want to seperate yourself from the competition, get comfortable and come up with a "pitch"...I took away business from others....one place I even handed the guy a competitor's flyer that was stuffed in the door, and then gave him mine....we talked about 10 minutes as we walked around the property, and he signed on right there...he said his experience was lawn guys were very "churn and burn" but could tell dealing with me he wouldn't have to worry about that. Take my advice...this business is 50% selling, and 50% work ethic
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    How did the majority of the people respond to you when they answered the door? Was anyone upset? mad? Or just plain tell you not interested?

    What was your opener to get them to listen?

    "Would you be interested in lawn service for this summer?"

    That is a very good responce rate though.
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    Honestly most are very receptive to you ringing at the door...the key is "short and smart"....I usually say "Hi, I'm going around your neighborhood right now introducing my company and myself, Jason for lawn care services. I already work for a few folks nearby, and am offering free quotes today on site, or just giving out information for the future...which would you prefer?"

    Always finish with a question that makes them answer something other than "yes or no"....this starts up a conversation and thus, you can start to build rapport...plus you have ways to answer them

    if they say not interested, I say "keep in mind if you go away for vacation or have a big party coming up this summer, I do special deals to get your property ready

    if they say we already have someone, I say well if you wish to change because you grow unhappy, or if you want a competitive bid right now, let me know"

    If they say I'm interested, then take it from there
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    keep it up i wonder how long it took to ring the 200 doorbells. response rate is obviously gonna be a lot higher but if it took you lets say 5 hours to do those 200 and i can do 1000 in 5 hours and get almost the same response and not have to deal with them. i would rather do that. but whatever works for you im doing the part time thing also till it gets heavy enough for full time
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    where in NY are you man? you will get much more out of a customer in terms of other jobs besides the lawns by taking more time...it took 8hrs to do the 200 places....but I have great relationships built already...I'm in Saratoga, NY
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    Hi chevyman1,

    That's a great idea. Politicians do the same thing to promote themselves by going door to door, during election time.
  9. chevyman1

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    Monkey, where are you from man?
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    I am a woman starting a lawn business any ideas for me?

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