A walk behind Stander.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gogetter, Feb 5, 2005.

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    OK, it's late and maybe I'm just getting loopy. But I just shot this e-mail off to Wright about their Stander mower. I was sitting here looking at an older brochure of theirs.
    Tell me what you think of the idea. Think it's do-able? And if so, think it can really work the way I'm imagining it? I do. This is the e-mail to Wright:

    "I just wanted to throw a thought out to you guys (Jim in particular) and see what you (he) thought.

    It's a little out there, but hear me out.

    I'm looking for a mower for next year. So many choices as you know, walk behinds, riders, standers, and your in-between mower the Sentar.

    The biggest problem is one mower may be perfect for a certain type of lawn, but not so great for another.

    I currently use WB's. But I'd like something I can ride on. The problem is, there are those lawns, or parts of lawns with slopes where a ZTR just won't do.
    If it's the whole lawn, then I could use a wb on that particular lawn. But if it's just parts of the lawn, then I'd hate to have to walk the whole thing just for those sloped areas.
    And I sure don't want to switch mowers on one lawn.

    So I'm sitting here looking at your Stander thinking, boy, I like the idea of that mower! It would be so great for most of my lawns.
    But what will I do when I get to that sloped part? If only there were a way to step off and walk behind it on that part, then jump back on when I get to flat land.
    Hmmm. If only!

    So, here goes. What if your Stander had a way that the controls could rotate backwards just a bit? Just enough so you could walk behind it for a short time, then push them forward and hop back on!
    Something that could be done quickly, almost on the fly. Pull a handle, or flip a switch or something.

    In the end, it wouldn't look much different, if at all. Keep it clean and simple. Not like that monstrosity the Rich Convertible mower! ;-)
    That is obviously different because it's a "sit down" ZTR that converts to a WB.

    I would think yours is do-able since it's a stander and not a sit down. You're controls are already almost there.
    Just figure a way to rotate them back and forth cleanly and easily.

    I see that as having the potential to be one of the most versatile mowers on the market. A Stander/WB. Truly the best of both worlds!
    People could do away with the WB's that they are forced to keep on their trailers just for those few areas a ZTR is a problem.

    I really look forward to hear what you think of all this. Thanks for your time."

    So, what do you guys think? Is it too out there?
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Easily do-able, already thought of that one and sketched it out on paper. I'm just lousy at the mechanics of the control linkages.

    All that would need to happen is for the whole control tower to rotate back on it's current arc to a position where it could be acessed from the ground. Pull a pin, step off and pull back, the controls arc out to you and the spring loaded pin snaps down into place in the next hole at your pre-set height adjustment.

    I thought this could be done on the stander or sentar, I just didn't figure Bill would go for it because it would kill the Velkie Mower.
  3. gogetter

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    LOL! I forgot they made a walk behind now LOL! That could be a problem! I hope not though.
    But ya know what, so what if it does. It just means they will sell more Stand-OR-Walks (I went ahead and named it for them!LOL).
  4. JoeinJasper

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    I've been thinking the same thing. If only JD would mate this idea with their mulch on demand deck...
  5. Fareway Lawncare

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    They Won't Do it....They Had the Design but Chickened out at the Added Cost.
  6. impactlandscaping

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    Jonathan, have you ever demoed a Stander before? I have taken ours everywhere we took 36 + 48" WBs before. I have never needed to jump off the back and walk or "bail out". The way the current controls are set, you would need to be at least 6'2" or taller to comfortably and safely try any such thing with a Stander. I have since sold our wb's last summer, as they were not needed anymore once we switched to Wrights.
  7. CharlieBingo

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    First they need a floating deck. Seems Great Dane owns that patent.Shame, it's a great machine but that fixed deck is useless to me.
  8. traman

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    thats y they invented the pro slide if things start getting out of control near water or slops you just hop off, do your thing , and when its safe again hop on again
  9. Del9175

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    I agree with Impact. I can't see myself ever needing another walkbehind. My stander goes everywhere my walkbehind went.
  10. jim dailey

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    I already invented what you are talking about..........kind of by mistake. First, when I put the new Kohler on my GD Stander, I mistakenly disconnected the "kill" that is then to shut the mower down if you get or fall off of the step. It doesn't work anymore. Before everyone starts screaming at me...hear me out. I have a half-dozen lawns with certain areas that apply to the situation you are describing. I had all intentions of going back to the wiring on this machine and straightening it out, but before I had the chance to, I ran into these 6 or so "difficult areas". I am 6' 3" tall with LONG arms and legs. I hopped-off of the machine and ended-up doing exactly what you are describing. I can see, exactly, how if you could swing the control area down and to the rear, how the average sized person would be able to accomplish the "walking behind" manuever. Let us know what you hear back on your e-mail.

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