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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Husky, Nov 27, 2002.

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    I have been doing commercial lots mostly. I am however interested in doing residential lots in developed areas. 1/4 acre lots most of them. What would you guys do to start? I mean, I'm not sure weather people this year will care for mulching or bagging. I know they won't want a 61inch Husky in there small yards. So I was thinking maybe a walkbehind, or walker maybe.. Of course I like the walker, but we are also trying to keep cost down here. But for a minute pretend I have the money..lol

    Not knowing weither people want things mulched bagged or whatever, is making this decision hard??? Can you guys help with experience of your own.. thanks
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    The more I use my Walker the happier I am with the purchase. I've cut huge amounts of time and effort off my leaf cleanup this year compared to last year.

    Only you can decide which mower to get. I say demo everything you can get your hands on, on the actual properties you take care of, then decide.

    Not any one mower will be the "one". There are different things that different mowers are better at than others. You will end up with several different brands and types of mowers if your business is anything like mine. They all have their strong points and corresponding places to be used.

    Demo, demo, demo.
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    Scott summed it up perfectly. Demo as much as you can and make your decision based on what mower is right for you. I have had my Walker for about 6 months now and have loved every minute of it. Its the perfect mower for what I use it for. Good luck!!!
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    Walkers are great! You may also want to look into stadners/ surfers if cost is an issue.

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    Most guys around here use some sort of stander, I see alot of the Great Danes. I haven't yet demoed one but they seem very popular.

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