A warning to aquascape users

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by BrandonV, Sep 9, 2009.

  1. BrandonV

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    Hey guys we used to use aquascape skimmers, all has been well but we recently found a pond leaking around the skimmer face plate.... the bolts had deteriorated!!!! I thought it would be just an isolated case, but to be safe checked a couple of other skimmers, I've had to replace 5 so far. NOT GOOD! I've been removing the old screws and the sockets actually in the skimmer itself and then replacing them w/ a stainless steel bolt/nut/washer set that's a bit larger. I called a dealer and he told me they're had been a recall, news to me. Just wanted the rest of yall to know, if you have aquascape skimmers that are 3-4 years old check on them. By the way it is a ton of work to replace these things, you'll need vise grips and one of those tools that back out rounded out screws (you can use that if you're lucky) most the them just fell apart on me.



  2. tadpole

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    I discovered this product weakness 5 years ago and reported it to Aquascapes asking if they were going to issue a bulletin and/or start using stainless screws in there skimmers AND Biofalls units (Yep. The screws in the biofalls unit will corrode and crumble if constantly wet). Aquascape told me that they had no plans to issue a service bulletin or to start using stainless screws. I have not used an Aquascape skimmer since and have not heard of a recall in the 5 years since. I replaced screws on every installation that I had done at my cost. A real pain.
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    What skimmers do you use? I use ADI and Pondbuilder skimmers for the most part. I'm getting more aggrevated with the vertical filter mat set ups damming water and starving the pumps. Than I'm aggrevated with the ADI price and the face plates on the Signature set up, and now this??? I'm only offering waterfalls from now on.:) lol!
  4. n2h20

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    Savio Standard SKimmers in my opinion are FAR superior to AS.. I have been using Savio for years and not had one problem with them. They are made from a thicker plastic, don't cave in or change shape after a few years. The skimmer door size is adjustable and replaceable if need be. The "net" is not a net made with cheap fabric and metal, but a heavy duty plastic that traps ALL debris, and the filter pads make sense. The pas doesn't get clogged and divert the crap back into the pond..
  5. BrandonV

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    i concur just ripped out a aquasape box yesterday and put in a savio, what a difference.

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